Sprint’s New iPhone 6s Upgrade Plan Is Far More Cheaper Than T-Mobile’s, If It’s Value Makes

What do you think? Check it for yourselves, then. Recently, just after Apple announced its own iPhone Upgrade Program, the United States carrier T-Mobile has given a chance to its existing iPhone consumers and incoming ones a better chance with its “Jump! on-Demand“, and also offered them a full $125 discount on iPhone 6s purchase.


Now that, another carrier called itself Sprint, amildly adjusted its iPhone upgrade plan such that qualified customers can now trade in their existing smartphones and indeed get a new iPhone 6s for just paying a $15 per month charges. Without a trade-in, users can still grab the new iPhone for just $22 per month and an iPhone 6s Plus at $26 per month.

The aforementioned deals from Sprint are part of its own “iPhone Forver” program, was originally launched a few weeks ago. What about the buy-in prices? For that Sprint is advertising today are a bit cheaper than earlier and are undoubtedly a response to Apple’s own iPhone upgrade plan and T-Mobile’s $20/month iPhone 6s upgrade program.

Wait! Notably, as long as the value of the iPhone you’re trading in is at least $90, Sprint’s deal is the best choice to buy iPhone 6s. Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program for users will get every year with AppleCare+ for $32.41 – $44.91 per month depending on the iPhone hardware.

Note: If your iPhone trade-in lasts under $90 on Sprint, then T-Mobile has the better deal than speaked. It’s your choice now, afterall.

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