Substitute 0.0.5 For Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak Released

Comex’s Substitute is a Cydia Substrate alternative which is now compatible to work with iOS 11. Substitute has been released by a well-known and talented hacker, and developer of some of the most popular jailbreaks such as JailbreakMe and Sprint back in 2015, an alternative for Cydia Substrate, has today released a compatible version to support Electra iOS 11 jailbreak by CoolStar.

So this is a good news for jailbroken device owners who have been experiencing intermittent performance issues, such as Cydia not appearing on iOS 11 jailbroken device, and not working correctly and so on. Substitute, the Comex-developed Cydia Substrate replacement ships with the Electra jailbreak, has been officially updating via Cydia to version 0.0.5.

Jailbreaks such as Pangu9, yalu102, or the original Safari-based JailbreakMe, have already found their places safe in a stable position where they are offered to the public with Cydia and Substrate as part of the payload.

Cydia, is one that everyone knows about, the jailbreak world’s non-official App Store. This allows device owners to install packages, tweaks, and themes directly to their device using an easy-to-use user-friendly interface. About Cydia, which is a storefront, Substrate is the magic behind the scenes which lets Springboard-based tweaks and hacks function on a jailbroken device.

Electra is from CoolStar which contains compatible variants of essential packages which Cydia needs to function. The jailbreak solution available with Electra is only real in-depth jailbreak for iOS 11.0 through iOS 11.1.2. Now offers a modified version of Cydia but comes with Substrate instead of Cydia Substrate.

This package was put together by Comex as a replacement for Substrate and only really seems to be used when Substrate hasn’t been updated to offer compatibility with a major version of iOS.

There have still been errors on device owners jailbroken with the latest public release of Electra, including performance issues, devices freezing when any type of data is being refreshed and even some just crashing altogether. Issues like those have been attributed to functional issues with Substrate.

The latest update takes Substitute to version 0.0.5 with the only hope being that it resolves at least some of the problems that users have been complaining of. Those who are jailbroken using the first major release of Electra can access Cydia right now and grab the latest Substitute update.

It’s only a matter of time until CoolStar releases an updated and improved version of the Electra jailbreak to bundle in this updated Substitute offering.

Indeed, any public jailbreak would ship with an officially updated version of Cydia and Substrate. But unfortunately, we don’t live in that ideal world at the moment, so that jailbreak fans really need to make the best out of the situation that they find perfect.

Based on early impressions, it seems that some device owners are finding that Substitute version 0.0.5 resolves a lot of errors with Electra and makes the device feel faster and furious.

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