Super Mario Run For Android Release Date Time Revealed

Super Mario Run for Android gets a confirmed release date timescale. Here’s when it will be available to download on the Google Play Store.


Nintendo released Super Mario Run – the plucky title plumber exclusively onto the iOS App Store. For a while now, we know that Mario will auto-run across to Android at some point, but with this tweet from Nintendo has now surfaced, confirmed that Super Mario Run will be delivered to Android smartphones and tablets in March 2017.

Super Mario Run is a master that proven itself to be an extremely popular gaming addition to the iOS ecosystem, and it’s that trend that has Android device owners craving the experience to be brought to the Google Play. It’s coming.

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 Even it was made official before it was a no-brainer that Nintendo’s exclusivity deal with Apple and iOS wouldn’t be a permanent agreement, but more of a “launch with the most revenue generating platform first” move. The tweet, which was exactly pushed out from the official Nintendo account, informs of a rough period of release, and also lets Android device owners know that pre-registrations are up and love, which will be all to the “Notify Me” option that accompanied Super Mario Run on Apple’s App Store before its release last December.

With the game established, and with consumers falling over themselves to relive their youth through Mario, the Android market is ripe for taking. A rough translation of the Japanese tweet is as follows:

The Android version of “Super Mario Run” will be delivered in March 2017. Currently, Google Play is accepting signups to inform you of when delivery begins. Please sign up.


Make no mistake about it; it’s actually highly likely that Super Mario Run or Android is ready to go without any further delay. With that themed, there’s likely a contractual agreement in place between Nintendo and Apple which would guarantee exclusivity for a minimum period of time frame. For Nintendo, it actually makes a perfect sense to artificially limit the release of the game in order to drive interest to an all-new high. That will then hopefully result in an elevated number of downloads, and a higher rate of of conversation of those purchasing the full game.


It’s been exclusively on iOS for a period of three months, and we can expect Super Mario Run to hit the Google Play Store on or around March 16th. Finally?

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