Very Soon You Can Download ‘Super Mario Run’ On Android, Find Out When?

Finally. Super Mario Run for Android pre-register sign-up page is now live on Google Play. Get an alert when the auto-runner is ready to download.

Before that you have to register right away. Here’s what you need to know and more to learn on its iOS exclusivity, now coming to Android. For a limited period of time, the game was more than exclusive on iPhone and iPad, and today we have our biggest indication yet that Super Mario Run will be releasing to Android sooner rather than later after a Google Play Store entry for the game popped up, complete with the option for pre-registration to download the game as soon as it’s made available on store.

How many iOS folks who are playing Super Mario Run on your commute, wondering when your Android gizmo could get in to action, maybe today?

Super Mario Run was released on iPhone and iPad a couple of weeks ago and while it was roundly accepted to be an enjoyable game, is not without its problems. This game is a side-scrolling, auto-running video game developed and published by Nintendo for iOS devices. Technically, it’s a new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand. Is now up for registration on the Play Store for Android fans.

The requirement for an Internet connection at all times has definitely caused the game and Nintendo to come in for some hardy criticism and that even saw Nintendo’s stock value being impacted during the release window. Issues aside, the arrival of Super Mario Run on Android devices is one of the most anticipated initiative that will surely excite gamers and we can’t wait for that to arrive.

When? It appears that the game will unfortunately keep the same requirement of constant Internet connection which Nintendo has confirmed is a stab at preventing piracy.

An Android release was always on the cards, but we never got a specific date to go with it. Now that we have the first glimpse of Super Mario Run on Android. Available for pre-registration, furthermore, no other thing you can do now, beside watching the trailer and checking the screenshost until you get notified that the game is released and ready to grab.

The same business model will also be used, with the game initially free to download butwith a $10 in-app purchase required should anyone want to go beyond the initial offering of just a handful of levels. $10 isn’t a lot to pay for a game, let alone one featuring the little Italian plumber, but we still expect Nintendo to take some flacks for that.

Gamers who think themselves a Mario pro can jump to pre-register for the game now on the Google Play Store. Nintendo, on the other hand hasn’t yet confirmed when the title will be released for download. Its arrival on the store although tells us that we shouldn’t have to wait too long, but it would have been more comforting if Nintendo would have attached a date to the listing. It’s free with very little content available to you until you unlock it all with an IAP. It is also expected come with free demo of three levels, and unlocking everything might require one-time purchase of $9.99 / Rs. 620.

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