T-Mobile Details Plans To Roll Out 5G In 2019

U.S. carrier T-Mobile has indeed revealed that its planning to roll out its 5G network in 2019, with 2020 confirmed being the year it will be able to offer nationwide coverage.

T-Mobile 5G Plan

One of third largest carrier in the country, T-Mobile says it will use its 600Mhz low-band spectrum to deliver 5G coverage from coast. The spectrum which it saying was only recently acquired by the company, and will only be used in part to make 5G possible on its network.

The popular carrier network behind AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile’s 5G connectivity via a cellular connection is something that true hardcore mobile warriors will be sure to get excited about, though. The country is still looking for the high-speed 4G connection which following years has not even being able to reach 3G speeds consistently. With smartphones and tablets taking work and play on the go, being able to access anything from critical business apps to YouTube on the road is something that most take for granted, and being able to do that at whopping fast speeds will always prove best.

“The 600 MHz spectrum will allow 5G to be deployed nationwide, bringing the ultimate experiences to T-Mobile’s enterprise customers and consumers throughout the United States,” said Borje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson. “We will support T-Mobile US with 5G radio development for this spectrum. Commercial availability of the product will be aligned with 3GPP standardization and ecosystem support.”

AT&T last year was able to reach speeds or over ten gigabits per second during lab trails, while that will likely never actually happen during real-world tests.

With both Verizon and AT&T making their moves to get their own 5G networks stable, it was only a matter of time before T-Mobile made similar move. Though it doesn’t have the same subscriber base as the two other giants, T-Mobile’s inclusion in the 5G battle is a good thing for everyone, not just its own customers.

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