T-Mobile Upgrades Its One Plan To Rival Verizon’s New Unlimited Data

T-Mobile to counter Verizon Unlimited plan has began fixing the two biggest flaws in its unlimited wireless 4G LTE data, just a day after Verizon launched its own kind. Here are the details.

One plan upgraded

Now, HD video and LTE tethering are part of the T-Mobile’s standard service. The US-wireless carrier is also making changes to its unlimited counterpart to keep up stack. Announced that, starting on February 17, its T-Mobile One unlimited plan will stream video at “HD” quality by default. Currently, the One plan caps all video over mobile data at a less-than-HD resolution of 480p unless subscribers pay $15 for a “One Plus” add-on, or $3 for a 24-hour “HD day pass.”

To no one’s surprise, the magenta-hued network, T-Mobile is responding in kind, upgrading its standard One plan to include HD video streaming and 10GB of LTE hostpot tethering. You no longer have to spring for a pricey add-on just to watch Netflix at high-quality. Beyond that, the One plan allows you to use your phone as a mobile WiFi router. Once that 10 gigs point is hit, T-Mobile will send you back to 3G speeds.

To sweeten the pot, the carrier is also running a promo that gives you two lines for $100. Today, the carrier throttles all hostpot data to slow 2G speeds and requires customers to pay for a $25 “OnePlus International” add-on to push that to unlimited LTE speeds.

Although the moves addresses the two biggest complaints customers have had with the One plan to date, and bring T-Mobile’s offering to near-parity with the major features of Verizon’s unlimited plan. While Verizon is promoting the same HD video streams and 10GB of LTE hotspot data in its plan only.

This details that T-Mobile subscribers will have to activate the features manually in the T-Mobile app or website, but didn’t mention whether that will be required daily, or whether they will be turned on by default every day after they are activated. HD means the video clips capped at a 720p resolution, the minimum thershold for high-definition video, or if it will allow for higher0resolution streams is unknown.

This move also allows T-Mobile to more clearly undercut Verizon on price. Its One plan will start at $70 per month for a single line, whereas Verizon’s “introductory” unlimited plan goes for $10 more. T-Mobile One for $100 total, where the carrier is running a promotional offer that gives two lines with that cost, instead of the usual $120. By comparison, Verizon’s unlimited plan offers two lines for $140 per month.

By the way, T-Mobile’s changes further what has become an increasingly heated up competition among mobile carriers over newly revived unlimited plans, as a quick note that T-Mobile’s rates include all taxes and fees. Verizon does offer alternative, data-capped plans for cheaper, however, the T-Mobile’s One plan is the only offering advertised on its site.

All four of the major carriers now provide an unlimited offering in some form, though, AT&T’s is only available to subscribers of its DirecTV and U-Verse services. T-Mobile says subscribers who use more than 28GB of data in a given timescale a month may see their speeds reduced due to “prioritization” in congested areas. For Verizon, that limit is 22GB. Sprint and AT&T give similar warnings with their own unlimited plan, too.

If the T-Mobile’s One upgrade good news? The real wireless competition can improve your servic more without raising prices. Stay tuned for more!

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