TeamViewer For iOS 11 Bringing Screen Sharing For The First Time To The iPhone, iPad

Apple has already announced many new features that will be available with iOS 11 at WWDC 2017, but there is one thing that we are only hearing about just now, that’s screen recording. When Apple releases iOS 11 next month, the anticipated feature is one that users of iPhones and iPads can get excited about.

The addition of ARKit has received a great attention over the past few months, but that does not certainly mean that there are not other worthy additions coming to the world of iOS as well.

iOS 11 Screen Sharing Feature

Yes, come this fall, iPhone and iPad users will be able to show others what is on their smartphone or tablet’s screen. And TeamViewer has just announced that it will be the first kind to have a screen-sharing solution available on iOS.

One of the potential unsung heroes is screen sharing and while it may lack some of the gorgeous concept videos that have given ARKit such a big reputation, it has the ability to allow support teams to help iOS users out in ways that were previously simply not possible.

As a result, now, TeamViewer has announced that screen sharing will be coming to its iOS app. The move will allow people who require support to share their iOS device’s screen with those tasked with fixing their issues – something that can only make it easier and quicker for those issues to be resolved.

“Remote tech support to iPhones and iPads is now easier, and more effective than ever before. Feedback from TeamViewer users clearly communicated to us that the ability to view remote iPhone and iPad screens in real-time is vital to providing exceptional remote support,” says TeamViewer.

This addition to the TeamViewer QuickSupport app will enable PC and Mac users to see what is on the display of an iPhone or iPad for the first time. This type of functionality will make it much easier for IT professionals to provide support to employees on the top, for instance. Removing the need for device owners to be shipped off or for end users to have to visit service centers and service desks.

According to the TeamViewer itself, “iOS screen sharing works very similarly to other mobile remote connections with TeamViewer. With the TeamViewer QuickSupport app for iOS installed on the remote device, simply press the screen sharing button and follow the instructions.

The new screen sharing feature will be available for free, with users allowed to test it out until October 31, as per the TeamViewer. The company behind that feature doesn’t say what will happen after that, but presumably users will have to pay to use it, at least commercially.

There has not yet been any confirmation what will happen come November 1st, but as mentioned above there will be a fee associated at that point. Stay tuned for more!

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