iFixit’s iPhone 8 Teardown Reveals Something That You Don’t Want To Crack That Glass Back

It’s not an Essential Phone, the iPhone 8 has finally arrived, and iFixit got a jump on its teardown now. A bit early, the updated Apple device traveling to Sydney, Australia to pick up. Its examination of the phone shows that it’s internal part are similar in some respect to the iPhone 7, but you really want to make sure that you don’t break that glass back.

At least it’s easier to repair than the Essential Phone

Apple claimed that the glass in the phone’s back is really strong, but now that it’s out in the hands of users, the report telling a new story. Yes, we’ll get a good idea of how durable it really is when people start dropping it. It’ll be worth making sure that it doesn’t break: the company confirmed the fact that repairing the phone’s glass back will be more expensive than the screen under AppleCare+.

Reason iFixt’s teardown shows up. It’s really difficult to get to of you need to replace it. It’s because the phone’s wireless coil is attached to a reinforcement panel, which is securely glued to the back. Clever!

The iFixit team notes that their efforts left the backing plate “a bit bent out of shape.” Despite the upgrade, iFixit points that there’s a lot in the phone that looks like an iPhone 7. With some similar components, obviously. Ultimately, the phone ranks a six on iFixit’s ranking, lower than the iPhone 7 teardown score. It’s fully-packed with stuff, but it does score higher than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, which got a four, and when compared to the Essenntial Phone (earned a one).

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iFixit: iPhone 8 Teardown And Analysis

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