The next Apple Watch will reportedly have LTE

Apple plans to release an Apple Watch Series 3 with a brilliant built-in LTE feature this year in the fall. With that said, Apple is reportedly also working on an Apple Watch that won’t have to be tethered to your phone for data, that smart and small fitness tracker on your wrist from the oppressive confines of having to carry around a now-critical piece of technology for operating in your daily life.

All the majority of cases where settled on an LTE-enabled Apple Watch, that would be great and according to Bloomberg, the integration of that should allow Apple Watch owners to leave their iPhone behind and still get near full functionality out of the wearable. Until now, the watch had to be within range of an iPhone, pair and sync and to do most tasks, like receive notifications or make calls. But the report surfaced today claims that there’s a new watch model that is completely different and have LTE-connectivity on-board.

We probably don’t know exactly how this kind of tech is going to play out yet – like whether it needs a separate data plan or would be more expensive. But nevertheless, it seems like a thing that people have been asking for a long time now, for some reason, if Apple is going to make it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things to acknowledge which are unknown here, Apple could choose to sell models of the watch with and without LTE bands, like it does with the iPad, charging a premium for cellular service. This watch series will likely require an extra data plan, too. And it’ll probably still need to be paired with an iPhone on some level, even if the phone isn’t always in the same vicinity.

What’s next? Battery life could be another major issue as well on a device that barely lasts a full day as it is. This will probably have repercussions for the battery life of the watch that you have to charge every evening. One thing the reporter doesn’t mentioned is whether or not the Apple Watch will llok the same for the third year in a row.

The new Apple Watch still requires this, untethering your watch from your phone could essentially turn the Watch into a kind of independent product within Apple’s portfolio of devices. Currently, the iPhone is the only basic hub of the Apple Universe, connecting to wireless headphones, a watch, and soon potentially a speaker in your home, called the HomePod. That could end up investing new use cases, but it seems there are lots of opportunities right now for an untethered Apple Watch.

Commenting on the report, John Gruber writes at Daring Fireball that he’s heard there’ll be an “all-new form factor” this year. It’s not clear as yet on how certain Gruber is that the redesign will happen this year, but if a slimmer watch is in the works, that change could be just as big of a deal.

The updated watch is likely to be announced in September, along with new iPhones. The Intel will be making the watch’s LTE modem, but it doesn’t actually means much for potential customers, it’s a big deal in the fight between Intel and Qualcomm, the dominant LTE modem supplier.

Reminder, Apple last introduced an Apple Watch, the Series 2, in September of 2016. That model added GPS and water proofing. And this year’s watchOS 4 running Watch Series will add LTE as well.

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