Is This How iPhone 8 Status Bar Will Handle The Notch, iOS 11 GM Leak Reveals

Here’s how the iPhone 8 status bar will accommodate the notch, as the iOS 11 GM firmware leak reveals the process.

Apple’s next iPhone X media event doesn’t start until Tuesday, but the internal has set ablaze with new findings after a newly leaked build of iOS 11 GM surfaced. Hello, D22!

iPhone 8 Screen Protector

The iPhone 8, set to be announced on September 12 media event, features a near bezel-less display with a cutout notch. This notch is for iPhone X’s front-facing camera, earpiece and Face ID sensors. Now that Guilherma Rambo has found exactly how that will work.

Details on just what the new flagship phone will do and how it will handle some of the changes has been explained. The changes that are being made for this particular version of the iPhone’s operating system. Following the iOS 11 Golden Master leak prior to the iPhone X’s official unveiling, there have been many questions answered. All pertaining to how iOS beta will handle that notch at the top of the screen.

The leaked firmware of iOS 11 GM today continues to bear fruit. As well as splitting the status bar items in two, with time on the left side, the new status bar also has stick animations to transition between states. iOS will need to make allowances for the fact that its status bar will be broken up for the first time.

The new screenshots confirm what we had heard before. The left side of the status bar will feature the system clock time, with the right side primary displaying WiFi, cellular signal strength and battery life indicator. With the camera and sensors getting in the way of where the clock would normally live.

Following the iOS 11 GM leak we mentioned further up, developers like Steve Throughton-Smith and Rambo have been picking it apart to see what they can find. Video after the jump.

The location indicator is situated to the right of the time. What appears to be a new “loading” animation that will appear to the right-side of the notch. Those new animations perform smooth transitions between all the various states the status bar can take.

First up, in the video below, the battery life indicator pushes sideways to reveal the charging indicator. Simultaneously hiding the WiFi and signal bars. It looks very much like KITT’s LED light from the famous Knight Rider series.

It turns out that every update like this is animated. At least on the iPhone 8, the status bar will be very build and smooth as it hides and shows new icons.

Smith has also shared some images of how the double-height status bar will behave when something like a call in progress or audio is being recorded.

The breadcrumb trail that allow iOS users to move back to a previous app or function is also displayed. It appears to reside just where you might expect it to be, below the clock on the left-hand side of the notch.

When apps use navigation bars, the title bar content will pushed downwards to stay out of the way of the notch region. Moving on to our favorite discovery, Rambo has shared a video in which we get to see a new animation that takes the status bar’s battery icon. Also the AirPlane Mode icon, and temporarily pushes it aside with a green charging icon whenever power is supplied to the iPhone.

Steven Throughten-Smith follows up with a simulation of the iPhone 8 status bar when an app is recording or actively tracking your location. He also shared images showing how the keyboard will look, with buttons for Siri and emoji appearing below the keyboard with a space between them. This space, presumably is there where the software Home bar will be on a real iPhone X.

With Apple set to announce a trio of new iPhones, including the iPhone X next week, we will finally get to see all of this running on the intended hardware. Stay tuned!

(Source: Steve T-S [Twitter], Guilherme Rambo [Twitter])

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