Lenovo’s Retro ThinkPad 25 Laptop Leaks Out, Here Are The Details

There were rumors about Lenovo’s mysterious 25th Anniversary ThinkPad and it seems the IBM’s next generation ThinkPad 25 laptop has been leaked online. Here are the Details.

The first IBM’s ThinkPad debuted 25 years ago next month, with a bright red ThinkPad pointing stick and a classic design that still exists in a modern from today. Fans of Lenovo’s IBM systems, 2017 marks a momentous occasion as it’s the twenty-fifth anniversary of the ThinkPad line. For quite a while now, rumors were floating around that Lenovo was going to make a special throwback ThinkPad to celebrate the date. Lenovo has confirmed that is happening.

Thankfully, it seems the enterprising folks over at the German website winfuture.de have uncovered leaks about Lenovo’s upcoming special edition ThinkPad. Lenovo’s secretive approach had many wondering what its commemorative laptop would actually look like.

The 25th anniversary ThinkPad systems appears to be purely based on Lenovo’s current ThnikPad T470 and features a 36cm full HD IPS screen, Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD and even the GPU from NVIDIA 940MX.

Specifications for the new laptop ThinkPad 25, along with a series of leaked photos of the design shown off.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad 25 appears to feature a TrackPoint, ThinkVantage blue enter button. And the colorful ThinkPad logo, and forgot to say about the LTE support. In some points it, the leaked ThinkPad 25 looks like an old ThinkPad, it has all pf the modern ports you’d expect. There’s a USB-C port (ThunderBold 3) three regular USB ports, an SD card reader, HDMI port, and Ethernet connectivity.

There’s a colorful ThinkPad badge, and a classic red Trackpoint nub, as Lenovo also seems to have kept important little details secret. It reportedly including a fingerprint reader and webcam that both support Windows Hello, allowing owners to log into Windows 10 with their face or fingerprint, which are definitely things that weren’t available on the original ThinkPad tablet back in 1992.

Now that Lenovo looks like is ready to make the concept live and reality in time for 25 years of ThinkPad. It’s not clear when the ThinkPad 25 will launch, but considering October is the anniversary it’s reasonable to assume we’ll all would see this officially next month.

Since October month marks a full 25 years for ThinkPad, we admit that fact of surprises to see full details announced next month. At least the retro ThinkPad should be more affordable than the original, as Lenovo vice president David Hall wrote recently, “I can assure you it will not cost $US5000 ($6276)!”

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