Microsoft Accidentally Reveals Its Own iPad Touch Cover Keyboard Case

It appears now that Microsoft to be working on an iPad Touch Cover – a keyboard case. The software giant has also listed a mysterious “iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719” in a download page for documentation related to Lithium batteries.

Here’s a web page dedicated to “Lithium Battery Transportation Documents” detailing instructions on transporting devices made by the company that contain said batteries. The documents were originally posted back in April and include others examples for Microsoft’s HoloLens, Band, and Surface devices. However, the page now includes an entry for an “iPad Touch Cover,” which has not yet been announced or seen elsewhere.

Currently, at this point, it’s not clear when Microsoft’s iPad Touch Cover will actually be released, or whether the product was scrapped at some situation. All we know for sure is that it contains a battery, meaning it likely connects to an iPad through a Bluetooth connection.

Thinking it’s possible that the iPad Touch Cover is wireless and connects to an iPad via Bluetooth, although that is obviously unconfirmed. But Microsoft’s “Touch Cover” naming could hint that the tech company’s iPad cover is similar to the old Surface Touch Cover that is just 3.5mm thick and uses pressure-sensitive technology for a full multitouch keyboard in this case.

Microsoft already offers a Surface Touch Cover for its own computers and if the naming convention does give us a clue, then it’s possible the accessory could work as what mentioned above. And of course, we are, simply playing a big elaborate guessing game here though, so until we see Microsoft formerly announces the real iPad Touch Cover keyboard case itself and tell us exactly what it is and how does it work – we will be sure to let you know. For that, we can do little more than wait.

Microsoft’s mysterious iPad cover could also use Apple’s Smart Connector to connect to the iPad Pro. Although it’s likely that Microsoft is simply targeting the base iPad without the Smart Connector at this point, simply because Apple doesn’t sell its own smart keyboard for the regular iPad. If Microsoft has subsequently cancelled the keyboard, that wait could turn into a very long one indeed!

Reminder: Microsoft has already released its own Universal Mobile Keyboard that works with the iPad, and was the best keyboard for the iPad Air 2. Still, all the unknown is what makes this industry so exciting, isn’t it? Anything can come from it? Stay tuned.

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