What’s New In iOS 11 Beta 6? Release Notes, Changes, Features, Everything

Here’s what is new in iOS 11 beta 6, including release notes, features, changes and everything found in latest build seeded to developers.

As you being a part of Apple Developer Program has received the latest iOS 11 beta 6 over-the-air update on compatible iPhone and iPad users. That officially means developers all over the globe will be getting the notifications on their devices, going through the process of installing beta 6, and getting their grips with all of new features and changes, improvements, refinements brought by Apple’s engineers.

As Apple has released beta 6 of iOS 11 to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it also means we have an opportunity to look at the official release notes – or changelog – which accompany the release, and to get grips with an understanding of what still needs work or what is still currently broken in the platform.

One of the primary reasons for the fast paced development from here is the fact that the iOS 11 beta has now been opened for the public, meaning that bigger pool of testers dipping into the platform and feeding bugs and issues back to Apple. Those bug reportedly means that Apple can then cleverly assign time and engineering resources to actually fixing the larger issues and pushing out new pre-release seeds that reflect those changes.

Part of the overall experience – specifically for developers – is actually seeing those release notes and see exactly what has been changed/fixed and what is classified under Apple’s “known issues” list, which basically means “things that are still broken in this version.”

However, the official “Notes and Known Issues” from Apple for developer beta 6 seed is included below for referenced, but, be warned, it can actually get quite complex and be a little disheartening if you read the entire thing.


That’s admirable for companies like Apple and the processes they go through to actually get a platform like iOS 11 up and running in time for a public launch and the new iPhone.

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