This Is How iPhone 8 / X Wireless Charging Work With Case On

First and foremost, will iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X wireless charging feature work with case on? Here’s the answer to test drive.

Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are already in the hands of new customers and old ones as well. Apple finally has a device in the smartphone market that is capable of taking advantage of wireless charging or, to be assumed accurate, inductive charging. True contender for the other smartphones with wireless charging capabilities, including Mi MIX 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and others.

The arrival of inductive charging in the iPhone lineup is one that should not be underplayed, when compared to the manner going all the way back to the brilliant but ultimately ill-fated Palm Pre.

Apple’s new inclusion alone should see a huge impact in the number of wireless charging pucks made available to the masses. Fans, this is a great news for those of you carrying Android and other devices around just as much as it is for new iPhone owners, now.

What it does mean, is that there are plenty of people new to this type of technology, especially users of iPhones. They also have questions regarding what it can or cannot do. Without a doubt, the most common “?” right now appears to be whether the iPhone 8, 8Plus, or indeed the iPhone X, can be charged via induction charging even while they have a case on them.

Point to be noted! Anyone who has used inductive charging with other phones will surely answer that yes. Cases will not be a big problem so long as they are not very, very thick. Apple apparently wants to make sure that everyone knows the fact. Although, because it has now updated the store page for its iPhone cases to reflect the reality.

The addition of inductive charging alone is a big one. And it will arrive on the iPhone X as well, on November 3rd. Those not wanting the splash a thousand dollars on a new smartphone can be content in the knowledge that inductive charging is here right now. They even don’t need to worry about their cases, either.

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