Tesla Model 3 Would Cost You As Low As $25,000 In Some States, Report Says

It is Tesla’s new Model 3 electric car may not occupy the space of its more powerful family members, but the upcoming Tesla model does have one very important thing to speak about – it’s going to be cheap.

Reportedly how cheap the Tesla Model 3 will be? Open for discussion for a while now. With Tesla CEO Elon Musk having suggested that it may sell for as little as $35,000 when it goes on sale. Buyers, it would seem like Musk’s pencilling in of the car’s exact price, which may have been accurate – after further confirmation came from the company.

A spokesperson confirmed to Bloomberg that the Model 3 will indeed sell for just $35,000, which legitimately confirms what Musk has been stated for a while. Now, it’s always good to get this kind of information from a second source though, and is of course becoming increasingly clear that Tesla is going to stick to its already tagged $35,000 price, currently.

However that does seem cheap for an electric car such as Tesla, you don’t know the half of it! Depending on which part of the world in which you live, may be able to shave around $10,000 off that actual price thanks to tax incentives for buying an electric car. The US$ 10,000 incentive may only be available in select states, as $7,500 should be available in tax incentives to anyone who buys a Tesla. Or any of other electric car for that matter.

If Tesla Model 3 had your attention even without the pricing being announced, then this apparent confirmation of $35,000 or even less as $25,000 will be enough to get a Tesla ride us even more interested to see what a ‘cheap’ Tesla is capable of.

What’s wonderful? Hopefully that’s what wonderful thing happening.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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