Enable ‘Dark Mode’ On iPhone X With OLED Display To Increase Battery Life Up To 60%

Thanks to the OLED display, according to the report, iPhone X with ‘Dark Mode” enabled will dynamically increase the battery life up to 60%. Here are the details about it, technically.

There is no getting away from the fact that as smartphones grow in functionality, as makers load more capability into them. Otherwise, the ultimate trade-off is going to come from the battery. Power hungry devices, such as Apple’s iPhone X for instance, require more power to keep them going. That means limited battery technology progress will essentially stunt the battery life that is achievable.

iOS 11

Of course, there are various other techniques to improve battery life on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, other than iPhone X. About a way we told you could save battery life on iPhone X using a number of Accessibility features. But there is now some additional insight into that experience. That will show you just how much longer Apple’s X device could sit actively for when using those features found in iOS 11.

Enabling Dark Mode on OLED iPhone X Vastly Improves Battery Life Up To A Maximum

Because Apple has introduced an OLED display technology with iPhone X, it quickly becomes clear that using Grayscale and iOS 11 Smart Invert Colors (aka Dark mode) through the Accessibility features could eventually provide more uptime for iPhone X due to how OLED tech actually behaves with black/off pixels and its power consumption properties.

Currently, this was in fact just a theory based on what we know about OLED panel. But now, AppleInsider had originally put the theory to the test by running a comparison with those results are quite staggering, albeit a little extreme.

However, the test involves charging the iPhone X to 100% and then loading up the Safari web browser on the device, letting it sit on a particular page from Reddit. Why? This is because the website has a largely white background with black text. So it’s a very good test insight to give accurate competitive results when the Smart Invert feature is activated.

In both tests, the device X was left on that screen for three hours. With the standard iPhone X setup draining the battery from 100% to 28% in three hours. And the inverted colors test draining it from 100% to 80% in the same time period, showing off a staggeringly impressive battery saving of ~60%.

Obviously, this is actually a very extreme test just to save battery life on the device which doesn’t otherwise offer a horrific power experience as is. It’s unlikely that anyone is going to continually use a device in this state as it really does detract from the aesthetic form of the gorgeous OLED display on the iPhone X.

Here’s How Battery Life Improved On iPhone X with ‘Dark Mode’ Enabled

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