The Slickest Mobile Camera Accessory Might Be This 6-in-1 iPhone Lens Case

We are talking about a bigger camera than the iPhone, when it comes to photography, which is used by millions of people around the world. Yes, it is also responsible for so many photos that it’s impossible for the other cameras to get a look in.

There are full set of camera accessories available to purchase, that is dedicated to taking iPhones and making them into even better cameras. Such of them, one is this new 6-in-1 lens case for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus.

And that is a case, its main selling point is not the protection it provides, but the six lenses that live in it. With different sensors, they are plentiful and offer a variety of benefits depending on the lens chosen.

With its award winning design, this case lets iPhone users make full use of the dual-lens system already present in their phones by putting additional lens over them to take their photography game to the next DSLR-like level!

The case features:

  1. A 10x macro lens for magnification
  2. A 20x macro lens for super magnification
  3. A 180-degree fisheye lens
  4. A 2x telephoto lens
  5. A 120-degree wide-angle lens
  6. Another 2x telephoto lens, because why not?

All things different and confused? If you do not want to use the case without the lenses attached then that’s no problem. That’s because they slide right off. So that you can keep the lenses in a bag and then just slide them on as and when needed, something that will be of benefit to those who will want to use the case all the time, but only use the lenses when the need arises.

Right now, the case which we are talking about a 6-in-1 case can be had between $49.95 to $59.95 (depending on the model you get it for) although that ends soon, meaning the price will go back up between $79.95 to $99,95. If you use promo code SPRINGC10 at check out, you will get further 10% discount on the listed price. This limited time promo code is applicable to first 500 orders only, so be one of them now.

You can get yours now from here if interested!

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