The Best Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 9.3.3 Gets Updated To Support

After the release of an all-new jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 you will better way look for some of your best tweaks and hacks, compatible on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There are already many more tweaks on Cydia where you can easily download and install on your jailbroken devices, and of course developers are working to get their apps updated for iOS 9.3.3 as soon as possible. But there are some left behind which are not compatible to support iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweaks as yet.

iOS 9.3.3 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

If you have already been jailboken your iOS device which Pangu Team has released it recently for iOS 9.3.3 – 9.2, then, here is another list of tweaks that you should consider installing on your 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod touch right now.

Free iOS Jailbreak Tweaks 2016

First of all, the Activator has been updated to support iOS 9.3.3 PPJailbreak and Cydia packages, extensions and tweaks. It allows users to assign custom actions in response to trigger like double tapping on the Status bar, or gestures like a three finger pinch and more.

Followed by


It is another must-have tweak if you want to customize the look and feel of your iPhone jailbreak. Alkaline lets you change your iPhone’s battery, Wi-Fi and Data indicators. And it’s free!


Alternative to Winterboard, Anemone is another tweak that can apply themes to your iOS device. Brings a new look to it, supporting theming app icons, fonts, app UI, Home screen folder icons and much more. iOS Themes can also be downloaded directly from Cydia. Apply it from Anemone app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Browser Changer

Do you think there’s any other third-party browser better than Safari? Browser Changer is one of those jailbreak tweaks that allow user to change the default browser to the one you suggest. If a link opened from another app, it will open in your favorite browser rather than Apple’s mobile Safari.

BytaFont 3

There’s it, BytaFont 3 get the ability to change the default iOS font to any other third-party fonts that you prefer to. These fonts can be found in Cydia under the ‘Fonts’ section.


This tweak is inspired by watchOS toggles, which makes your Control Center more unique by applying different shades of color to each of the toggles.Cream enabled will be colored to give a sense that they have been turned On, while those that are Off will only have a default color of light grey.

CerCube 3

Using YouTube on your iPhone, Cercube 3 is a must have tweak. The tweak lets you download videos to your jailbroken device and makes it offline viewing, which you can watch it later on. It also allows you to export audio to Music app, play audio in the background without keeping YouTube open, view videos in fullHD 1080p and much more.


With the release of iOS 7, Apple added a much needed Control Center, that gives you quick access to System toggles, music controls, AirPlay, AirDrop and apps from anywhere in iOS, including the Lock Screen. The number of system toggles and quick launch apps are however been limited.

Nevertheless, FlipControlCenter addresses this limitation by allowing you to add additional toggles and quich launch options to the CC. You can also customize the order, sort out and also remove, add toggles from Settings app.


You will get to experience haptic feedback on you iOS 9 device using KeyVibe. Still has limitations, and the tweak only works on the currently available phones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

You can also grab it from the repository found here:


This tweak helps you remove unnecessary files from your iOS device. Free up storage space on your device, which cab become a precious commodity overtime. Actually, it removes unnecessary message attachments, cookies, Safari cache, application cache etc.

Instagram ++

Want to save photos and videos from Instagram to your Camera Roll? Then, here’s one of our top perk – try Instagram ++. Tweak that allows you to save photos and media files to your device, manage multiple Instagram accounts, supports copy/share text, view full timestamp of posts and son on.

You can find Instagram++ from the following repository:

Phantom for Snapchat

Popular Snapchat users set a timer on the photos they capture. If you wish to get rid of this limitation and watch snaps sent from your friends as many times as you wish, you should try Phantom for Snapchat. The tweak that provides tons of other enhancements and features like location spoofing, save snaps received to Camera Roll, send images and videos from it, add effects and stickers to your snaps and more.


This tweak is another very useful one. Picture in Picture mode one of those inclusions available to select iPad models only if you own a jailbroken device then you can really enjoy the feature on any of your iOS 9 device by making use of Ryan Petrich’s PictureInPicture tweak.

Get it right from here:

Poke ++ For Pokemon Go!

No time to go out to catch Pokémons? Or cannot play the game due to some reasons or disability? Try this Poke++ tweak for Pokemon Go! Simple tweak that lets you walk anywhere in the game by simply tapping on the map and lets you chat with other players.

Download Poke++ for Pokemon Go from here:


A new tweak for frequent WhatsApp users, WahtsApp++ lets you hide you online and last seen status from your contacts, disable read recipents and also delivery reports, add your profile picture without copping it, lock WhatsApp with passcode or TouchID and many more.

Get this from the link here:


It allows you to change the carrier logo on your jailbroken devices. There are several other logos to show in place of your carrier name. For example, you can change it to a Batman, Apple logo or even the cool Pac-Man carrier logo.


The jailbreak tweak that brought cool multitasking gestures to the iPhone, Zephyr, Tage is something like that. It allows you to access the app switcher, close apps, switch apps using gestures. It also includes the Auxo-like Quick Switcher feature, which is quite responsive and a joy to use. It is one of many’s favorite jailbreak tweaks since its release in 2014.

Paid iOS Jailbreak Tweaks 2016

Springtomize 3

A well-known jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize any elements of iOS ranging from the Lock screen to the Home screen dock and animations. You can completely change the look and feel of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using Springtomize 3 jailbreak tweak. It costs $2.99.

VirtualHome 8 n 9

Using it, you will no linger require pressing the Home button to go back to the screen or the app switcher. The tweak allows you to touch twice on the Home button/Touch ID to go to Home screen or place your finger on it to open the app switcher. It’s worth $1.49.


Inspired by Apple Watch-esque notifications, the tweak itself changes the look and feel of the notification previews on your iOS’s Lock screen by displaying them as a series of cards rather than a string of text. Each and every notification will be shown as a card just like what you’d seen on an Apple Watch. For $2.99, you can get the experience hands-on.


As the name says, iFile is a fully and final file manager and viewer for iPhone. Gives access to device files such as Finder on the Mac. It also allows you edit text files and property lists, which can be quite useful occasionally. It costs $4.99 after free 7-day trial.

iCaughtU Pro

It’s something like Apple’s Find my iPhone, the anti-theft feature – lot more robust by adding Activation lock. It makes it impossible for a person who steals your device to use it. It is still not fully fool proof when it comes to tracking your stolen iOS device as someone can easily turn off your device.

It’s not like that with the iCaughtU Pro. The tweak not only prevents it from turning off your device, which would make Find my iPhone ineffective. the tweak iCaughtU Pro also takes a photograph of that person who tries to turn it off or unlock it using an incorrect password, and emails it with the GPS location, making it easy catching a thief.

Worth checking out for $2.50.

Eclipse 3

This paid tweak brings night mode across the whole iOS ecosystem. It changes the skin of all the apps interface to a darker color scheme that makes it easier to read at night and reduces the amount of strain on your eyes for – $0.99.

There are several other jailbreak tweaks available right now, but these are some of our favorite ones got updated for iOS 9.3.3.

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