Top 10 Of 69 New Emoji Candidates Coming In June With 5.0 Update

Emoji is something that have come a long way since first created around 1998 in Japan, and we’re getting really close to a big emoji upgrade now. The new batch of silly symbols includes several very specific items as well as some long sought-after essentials. Appropriately named Emoji 5.0, the new release will have 47 new emojis and a number of changes to current ones as they try to update as well improve their looks.


Everyone have their own favorite, do you have yours?

Emojipedia recently updated its page for Emoji 5.0 with mockups of all the proposed emoji characters. For now, the candidates are in draft status, meaning they still need the final sign off from the emoji overloads at Unicode. Here’s what are the very best new emoji candidates, ranked and presented without explanation. They are governed by the Unicode Consortium and are responsible for their development as part of the Unicode standards.

There’s a new crop of emojis coming in mid-2017, which are the ones people on social media think will be the best. To use Emojis as a visual short-cut the Museum of Modern Art displayed the popular original emojis in the fall of 2016. Some of the new emojis include a giraffe, a pretzel, a vampire, a breaded man, a soda/milkshake, a “shhh” face, a pie, a starry-eyed face, a woman in a hijab, and a zebra. Many of them represent new trends, fashions, are news related, or are items or people that are most talked about while others are just finally getting their dues, such as emojis like zebra, giraffe, or pretzel. Some improved ones would be the cowboy – which now they made his hat larger and more pronounced.


                                      All 69 new emojis that will release with Emoji 5.0 in mid-2017

Although many new food related emojis are also showing up, but the most popular additions seem to be faces and hand gestures, alongside broccoli, a coconut, and a sandwich with lettuce, tomato slices, meat, and cheese. While only two new dinosaur emojis – one looks like an angry T-Rex, and the other one seems like a tame, vegetarian Brontosaurus. Few new activities also made the list with a rock climber and a girl doing yoga. A pair of white socks with pinkish trim ready to go. Some emojis did not make the list this year, though the almond, leafy greens, face with a light bulb, and a face banging against the wall. Also see: Unicode 9.0 Is Now Official: Brings 72 New Emojis With Black Heart And More

Important to make a note that emoji design is forever changing up until the last minute and the list of 2017 emojis will be finalized only when Unicode 10.0 is released in mid. With that said, original sample images are visualizing how new emojis may look when they come to fruition, are mockups created at the candidate stage, may or may not resemble the final look. Please remember that Android, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung can and do customize them slightly to fit/tailor them for their specific audiences. Soon, you will be expressing your day, status and other reactions using the new Emoji 5.0 update’s new characters.


Speaking about Snapchat and its different type of emojis. Meanings, friend list emojis and verified emojis for official stories. Snapchat emoji is far different from actual Unicode Emoji characters, which we’ll be explaining in our next post.

(Source: Emojipedia)

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