The Price Of iPhone X Tesla Gold and Solar-Powered Version Is $4500

The most expensive iPhone X is now here, and if you want one you can now order from Apple or its carrier partners. If you looking at the iPhone X price, which was expensive, but now, it’s not expensive enough. As there are two variants of iPhone X Tesla Gold and Solar-powered versions on the market, which costs $4500.

Talking about Caviar. Known for knocking out special iPhones covered in super special material and stones. It did it again with the iPhone X. Caviar put plenty of 24k gold in the release, but what makes this one so special for us is the completely new black plate that it has.

No, it’s not covered in precious stones or metals, rather it is actually built for harvesting the sun. Yes, this new iPhone X model can be powered by solar energy. For this reason, Caviar has decided to call, its new creation the iPhone X Tesla.

Dodgy Google Translate version incoming:

iPhone X Tesla from Caviar is equipped with a solar battery that converts the energy of light, and with its helps replenish the battery of the phone. This phone takes power literally from the air! This is the cleanest energy for which no cost is required. Developments in the field of creating solar cells, smart homes equipped with such batteries and cars running on electricity, is actively engaged today Elon Musk – the main inspirer of the company Tesla, it is in honor of his grandiose innovative developments called the new phone Caviar.

Caviar iPhone X Tesla sacrifices beauty for solar charging

Everything imagined and created has a downside. We are assuming that the new solar magic means that you will lose the ability to wirelessly charge your iPhone X. But still, depending on how well that solar energy harvesting technology works, that may not be too much of an issue.

If all this sounds like your next smartphone, the 64GB iPhone X Tesla is priced at 259,000 Rubles, which is around the cost $4500 USD. While the 256GB version of iPhone X Tesla will demand a price around 274,000 Rubles or costs $4,700. Delivery is expected within the next few weeks.


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