The Rumored 2018 iPhone X Plus With 6.4-inch OLED Display Look Like This?

The Apple’s iPhone X has just received FCC approval in the United States and set to go on sale very soon. But the anticipation of the next year’s iPhone X successor is already in the scene, suggesting what the iPhone maker will offer up this time next year. Everything you’re going to read is speculations and concepts, which you should keep in mind.

With rumors now claiming that Apple already working on a new 6-inch iPhone, suggestions are circulating, though. Could be the iPhone X Plus of sorts? Although that name is likely to not be the one Apple goes with. Now iDropNews has released some renders showing off what if such a device might look like.

This is 6.4-inch iPhone X Plus

Oh man it’s 1-inch bigger and taller than the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. As the designs shared by the outlet actually shows a 6.4-inch iPhone with a design that mimics that the iPhone X closely. It also includes that notch that houses all of the magic that makes Face ID work. The concept renders basically show a larger iPhone X which, really, is what any sort of iPhone X Plus really will amount to.

It’s admitted that Apple had already been rumored to be learning towards larger and larger iPhones with demand also trending in that direction.

2018 iPhone X series

If and if Apple does go that way, opt to launch a larger iPhone next year as rumored, then questions have to be asked about the technology it’s using. With LCD and Bezel-Less display now part of Apple’s lineup, a larger offering will surely follow the OLED iPhone X’s leap and go for that same option that will debut when the newest iPhone goes on sale next month.

Currently, in this situation of course, we do not really know what Apple has in its table for 2018 and with 2017’s big releases still not having actually been released yet. We have plenty to look forward to as it is.

The iPhone X is undoubtedly the next big chapter in the iPhone’s story and we expect all high-end iPhones to follow the suite (blueprint) for the coming years. A larger iPhone X would make plenty of sense, but at the same time loss as well. For now, let’s just get the iPhone X out of the way before we start wishing the next year of our lives away, OK?

(source: iDropNews)

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