There’s No iOS 11 Bug Inside Calculator App That Display Incorrect Answer

It was rumored that there is an iOS 11 bug causing error inside the Calculator app to display incorrect answer. But when we tried it already, it has given the correct answer. What the GIF image below shows is when you type 1+2+3 the answer they showed is 24, but it didn’t. When we tried it showed the perfect answer.

And yes, the bug has been around ever since iOS 11 beta days, but were wondering, making good, responsive apps on iOS can be hard. Now that, this iOS 11 bug appears to be blowing up on social media all over again.

Actually what happened, they typed 1+23, rather than 1+2+3, so the answer showed them 24, instead of 6. If you happen to press the buttons a little too quickly, you’ll actually get something different – often 24. Why? It’s all down to animations.

Apple’s stock Calculator app lights buttons up when they are tapped, and if you tap too many in quick succession, you will find that some taps fail to register, meaning that button presses do not register until a previous animation completes. Also tapping away too quickly will fall foul of the bug, receiving an incorrect answer as a result.

It’s time for Apple to get around in fixing the issue, but in the meantime, using a third-party calculator app such as PCalc should see you right.

(Source: Chris Espinosa [Twitter])

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