These Are Google Pixel 2 Leaked Live Photos Details Stereo Speakers, Huge Bezel, No Headphone Jack

We have been looking at the latest rumors about Google’s upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 and today we have our closer look on the next-generation series, leaked in alleged photos giving us a glimpse of the smartphone’s front and back. Also suggesting that the Pixel 2 will be dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack. Details on specs, price, release date and more have been purportedly predicted.

Here’s another Pixel 2 leak revealing the phone’s larger front bezels. According to GSMArena, the live photos of the Pixel 2 features a huge bezels on top and bottom which is somewhat disappointing to see, specifically at a time when flagships like Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG G6 sporting an end-to-end display. Well, without any official confirmation about the leaks, we can’t just imagine what Google is planning for its next Pixel 2 range.

As we are getting yet another glimpse at an early model of the smaller smartphone. An early dev unit have been sent to the source in two different photos. One photo gives us a closer look at the device’s front, where a few other things stand out.


* A more rectangular shape. First, its design has been changed a bit from the original Pixel. The phone still has rounded corners, but the overall form factor is a bit more rectangular, with the corners looking a bit sharper.

* Stereo Speakers. With the leaked photos online, you can clearly see a speaker cutout both above and below the phone’s screen, making it very much of this new model will have better audio. On the original, there was only a speaker on top.

* Those huge bezels. If these images or so called live photos are anything to go by, you’re likely to see equally large bezels on the iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 whatsoever. Apple decides to call its standard iPhone this year. In fairness to Google, it’s a bit disappointment to see a flagship phone maintain such enormous top and bottom bezels in a year that’s seen flagships expanding their screens to fill as much of the phone’s front as possible.

* No headphone jack. As aforementioned, Google is going to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack on the upcoming Pixel phones. On the back the glass window has also been reduced, so the fingerprint reader is outside the glass.

* Camera Setup. A single rear-facing camera appears to show on top left along with the dual-LED flash.

The tipster claims that the new Pixel devices feels much better in-hand than compared to last year’s Pixel range. Although these are the Google Pixel 2 live photos surfaced online and that too are unconfirmed, so some design changes and tweaks are possible before the final release later this year. Stay tuned for more.

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