Thinner 13″ and 15-inch MacBook Air Sizes Are Reportedly Coming At WWDC 2016

It is believed that Apple may be preparing to introduce a revamped MacBook Air at next year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and this time around Apple holds true to recent history. The WWDC 2016 would be held in June, and according to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News claims the new MacBook Air will launch in the third quarter, which corresponds to the July-September release timeframe.

What’s said is the new MacBook Air to take on a slimmer design-esque and arrive in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. However, it’s not clear though whether the 11-inch model will also be included. But the slimmer design will be anabled by “fully redesigned” internal components across the board, and reportedly that Apple is currently working with it suppliers to develop these new components.

This year’s addition of the new MacBook ntebook lineup expanded with an ultrathin machine carrying a 12-inch Retina display and utilizing ultra low voltage Intel chips for a fanless design. Assumed that the MacBook Air will be discontinued at some point as declining costs allow the MacBook to become Apple’s mainstream notebook offering, and a bit of surprise if a redesigned MacBook Air giving the line a new lease on life could be considered.

The addition of 15-inch MacBook Air could hint at Apple’s vision for its futuristic lineup, with the 12-inch MacBook grabbing the ultraportable spot, the MacBook Air serving mainstream customers at 13 and 15″, and the MacBook Pro offering more power at those same sizes.

The reports has a hit-or-miss track record with Apple rumors, so today’s claim should not be that accurate until or unless other supporting rumors surface in the coming months.

(Thanks: MacRumors)

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