This 3600mAh iPhone X Battery Case Wireless Charge Itself And The Phone Within At Same Time [Discount]

With the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus saw Apple finally embrace the world of wireless charging. The similar technology was already been offered on the high-end Android phone for years now, and the same even goes for some Windows Phones too.

It’s a matter of time how late to the party Apple is though, but it’s clear the world of the accessory maker got a little favor when the new phones were announced in September of last year. One iPhone X case is a case in point, and it’s actually one we think you ought to check out.

When battery cases are concerned, it’s not anything new, this one is a bit of special. The iPhone X 3,600mAh Battery Case With Wireless Charging Support, on sale now for limited time. This is one of those battery cases which comes with a 3,600mAh battery built right in. The brighter point to consider here is that the case can also be charged via the wonder of wireless charging just as the iPhone within it would be able to if it wasn’t there, like a wireless Power Bank Charger for iPhone.

That means that you can use the case in two different ways, continue to take advantage of your wireless chargers that, if you’re anything like us, you have dotted around the home.

Now companies like Mophie are said to be working on a similar battery case that can wirelessly charge itself and the iPhone at the same time, but this one beats it to the punch not just by being first to the market, rather also at much less price than what Mophie battery cases are known to be sold at.

Available in Red, Blue, Rose Gold and Gold colors, the case can be had for $59.95 right now from here, down from $99.95 if you take advantage 20% off introductory discount using promo code MAYPROMO20 at check out.

If you do get it, here’s what you’ll have for your money:


– 3600mAh built-in battery for charging iPhone X on the go.

– Charges itself and iPhone within it wirelessly when placed on a Qi-wireless charging pad.

– Connects to iPhone via Lightning connector.

– Frees up Lightning connector (pass-through) at the bottom of the case for charging+connecting headphones/data transfer at the same time.

– Minimalistic design – No excessive chin at the bottom like other battery cases.

– Available in multiple colors, including Black, Red, Blue, Gold and Rose Gold.

– Adds full protection to iPhone X against daily wear and tear and occasional drops.

– Soft TPU rubber material.

– LED battery indicator on the back for checking battery level of the case.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The red color looks particularly generous too, so if you’re still bummed that there’s no (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X, this may be a good solution for you to grab!

Buy: iPhone X 3600mAh Battery Case With Wireless Charging Support from Chytah: $59.95 with promo code | Original price: $99.95

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