You Will Be Able To Stream PS4 Games To PC Using This Ultimate App [Video]

It’s unofficial though, a third-party effort might soon bring PlayStation 4 remote play functionality to the computer. With the Xbox One being able to support streaming your game titles onto the Windows 10 PC or tablet devices, the onus was placed on Sony’s PS4.

The Japanese console maker looks to be in no hurry to offer any similar functionality, but luckily, one anonymous developer has decided to take matters intohis account, hands-on with and successfully demonstrated a method of steaming PS4 games onto a Windows based PC.


Remotely, it’s being able to stream your gaming exploits to a Windows 10 PC in the case of the Xbox One, is a great achievement for those of us that don’t have exclusive access to a TV thanks to kids and spouses. Those with Sony’s PS4 unfortunately can only stream their games to a PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, and even then there are caveats depending on how well the PS4 game controller is mapped to the Vita. Now that, individuals who want to play SP4 games without having a hunt for the Vita charger can do just that, by streaming the games onto a PC.

Developer Twisted, became known to PlayStation fans after he modified the official app that offered remote play between the PlayStation 4 and certain Sony smartphones to work with any devive running Android platform. Originally set about making it possible to play PS4 games that are streamed to non-Sony Android devices, breaking them from their Vita and PlayStation TV shackles.

Twisted has although managed to get the PS4 Remote Play functionality to work surprisingly well on a Windows PC, doing kind of what Microsoft and its Xbox One already does, perfectly. However, it remains to be seen whether Sony will allow for Twisted to distribute his work.


Sony hasn’t announced any plans to offer its own PC streaming tool, though. Both its smartphones and the PlayStation Vita make full use of their PlayStation 4 remote play potential in marketing materials. While the magic to stream PS4 games to a PC isn’t yet quite ready for public consumption, a video released by Twisted gives us a good idea of what we can expect when it is.

For that Twisted built a native Windows app in order to get the best out of this Remote Play hack, and the result in front, speaks for itself with a very smooth playback, making otherwise hope that the technology on show isn’t far from being available to everyone. The app running on Windows 7 in the demo video, which we can see give no word of which version of versions of Windows the app ultimately ends up supporting. But we can only hope that Windows 8 and 10 compatibility will be launched sooner than later in the public release of Remote Play PC – as Twisted calls it.


If the so-called essential app does become available, Twisted says that it will cost around $10 – cheaper price to play with and if you want to get your Fallout 4 on when your significant other is watching TV. Twisted had shared plans to release the remote play tool today, but it seems that there is still some last-minute work to be done before the project is ready to release.

(Source: Twisted)

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