This Apple Watch Case Brings Built-in Charger And Power Bank Battery [Video]

If you’re looking for Apple Watch charging case that comes equipped with charging the battery capabilities, then you have to head over the this Kickstarter project. Amber has made available of its charging case as the crowd-funding program.

Introduced the power bank case for Apple Watch on Kickstarter campaign

ClearGrass is raising funds for Amber. An Apple Watch case is of course a Power Bank for the smart watch on Kickstarter. If you want to make sure that you can charge your Apple Watch anywhere you want at anytime, then you need to read about the new charging case, Amber – currently is setup as a campaign.

The case for Apple Watch has already surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter. Amber is made available in multiple colors to match the face of your smart Apple Watch. Built-in with a USB port on the back which can be used to connect the iPhone and Bluetooth functionality. Later it will eventually notify you about the battery charge, software updates, temperature changes, charge and discharge cycles, battery health, and locations.


How much Amber Apple Watch case costs? If you contribute to the campaign, you can get your charging case for $55. With over 940 people already backing the product, and about $70,000 has already been raised, exceeding the $50,000 goal.

About Amber, which is a self-described power bank for your Apple Watch and it looks like an elegant watch case or jewelry cover instead of some long cord with an unslightly USB port. ClearGrass notes that Amber’s circuitry is designed to charge devices directly when plugged into the wall in order to save battery cycle life.

A charging case for Apple Watch with built-in battery

We improved Amber’s circuitry so that when it’s connected to a power source, Amber will continue to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and Amber itself directly through the external power supply. By directing the incoming electric current flow outward, Amber effectively saves its battery cycle life. And when Amber itself runs out of charge, it simply functions as a normal charger and powers devices immediately.

Available to purchase in all the colours of Apple Watch faces, and its being a power bank, specifically designed for the smartwatch, it will also charge up all of your owned Apple devices too. Charger relies on the standard magnetic charger that is used to power the Apple Watch. Charging cable is fitted to the magnetic connector, and Amber has placed it inside of a very impressive watch case that hides everything except the connector piece.

Battery used by Amber case is of Desay, which is one of the world’s best battery manufacturer, which can charge itself at the same time it charges your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod or iPad as long as it is plugged into an external power source. What’s more unique is that Amber still charges your devices even though if you’re not plugged it into an external source.

On Apple Watch, Amber case will function as a normal charger once it runs out of power. You get a starter guide with Amber, and the final retail packaging is likely to include a Micro-USB charging cable along with the power bank and instructions.


If you want to charge your Apple Watch with Amber, just remove the shell and spool from the power bank, and then plug the Apple Watch charging cable into the spool. Insert the magnetic connector right into the grovved area, and you can even replace the spool on the power bank case and put the shell back on. And finally, it is so portable one that can fit right in your pocket.

You can pledge $55 for one of the first Amber Apple Watch case units at the link below here. Amber aims to ship in time for Christmas.

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