This Clone Of Apple Watch Promises 45-Day Battery Life

The future smartwatches and wearables in the world are becoming more important than a smartphone, which is like a revolution that some had anticipated.

Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2/3 are not just the number one watch in the world now, it’s also the number one wearable with expensive price-tag. But that doesn’t mean this category doesn’t have any more room to grow, especially when it comes to budget wearables. The Amazfit Bip comes to the scene, which is less than $100, it offers some impressive features for not a lot of money at all.

Top of that feature list is the 45-day battery life, something that the Apple Watch and competing products can only dream about. While the price point, you might expect some important wearable features to be missing. Given with IP68 dust and water resistance, heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, a built-in GPS chip and the mainstay Bluetooth 4 compatibility, this sub-$100 watch has a lot going for it.

One difference between the Bip and the Apple Watch is the display. With the Apple Watch boasting up to a 390×312 pixel OLED display, the Bip’s 176×176 offering will look definitely small in comparison. But nevertheless, with corners needing to be cut in order to reach that price point. It is unreasonable to expect Apple Watch-like displays to be put into this thing, that too at this price point.

Without any doubt, battery life is the Bip’s standout feature. Amazfit says that users can expect around four months’ worth of the life of a single charge. With 45 days manageable when “running mode” is active (turned on). It’s fair to say that the numbers eclipse anything the Apple watch is capable of.

At $99, this thing is available from the Amazfit website ( as well as Amazon and goes on sale in a single, onyx black color. This little wearable might just have a place on more wrists than you may have first thought.

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