This Galaxy Note 8 Concept Gives Us Best Looks At Samsung’s Next Flagship Smartphone

A new Galaxy Note 8 concept design brings all of the latest rumors to life, including the facts that might fix everything that’s ‘wrong’ with the Galaxy S8 and also gives us a glimpse of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

Samsung is still in the midst of the Galaxy S8 launch, though it has been largely well received by reviewers, but the fact that there has also been two potential issues surrounding things like WiFi connectivity and screens with odd coloring. Apart that, the Galaxy S8 and of course the Galaxy S8+ both are marvelous Samsung devices till date. Still, few would disagree that the S8 is the Android phone to buy right now, because of the reason that is likely to change when the Galaxy Note 8 arrives later this year.

Despite the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung has not announced such a phone making us undefined to find it highly unlikely that an eighth iteration will not arrive in 2017.

Fans of Samsung, here is the real indeed fact that the next Galaxy Note line have been left wondering what the Note 8 could look like. With Samsung keeping quite on the next Note flagship, if the Korean electronics follows its usual pattern then we can bet on a Galaxy S8-like aesthetic, but reimagined (tweaked) for a larger screen and of course the S-Pen that will no doubt live within the phone’s body.

Leaks this time fill the void left behind, YouTube channel Concept Creator has put together a new concept video in which we get our first look at what could be the Galaxy Note 8. This concept is purely based on somewhat leaks and renders that we have seen so far. If this video is even close to Samsung’s imagination, then we could be in for a real treat.

Highlights including power dual cameras and a 6.4-inch screen and completely reimagines the phablet as a slimmer and sleeker device. Includes new colors, a super sensitive screen capable of detecting over 4,000 levels of pressure and a new dual-camera system that should have the Galaxy Note 8 taking the best images we’ve ever seen from a Samsung smartphone yet.

Given the fact that it is very much possible that Galaxy Note 8 might end up looking nothing like what we see in the video, still, it’s an interesting mix up experience to watch this video and come up with your own ideas on where Samsung goes next. Check it out, there are worse ways of spending a few minutes!

Source: Concept Creator [YouTube])

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