IN 1 Case For iPhone Is The Swiss Army Knife Of All Cases, Doubles As Toolkit And Kickstand

In all of other cases, here’s what you are going to see is a new iPhone protective case not only acts like the swiss army knife of all, but many people out there can agree when choosing a case that comes with all the toolkit attached to the kickstand. When it comes to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 design, there are so many variety of cases that slipperness and ease-of-drop is perhaps the main reason mostly phone owners prefer to some sort of cases. Leading to quite the market for cases for iPhone from the likes of Incase and Belkin. One might not have heard of, though, IN 1.

Concerned this one is a doozy, because while the iPhone case does all the boring things like keeping your iPhone safe from drops and scratches, it although has party piece, or nevertheless, it should be pieces.


The IN 1 Multi Tool Case for iPhone 6s/6 and their iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6 Plus equivalents is basically a Swiss Army Knife of sorts and it’s not just home to yoyr iPhone but also an array of tools. Hidden in their iPhone case as the whole. Made of 420 Marine Alloy Stainless Steel, the tools include things such as the nail file, pen, tweezers, scissors, screwdrivers, and a lot, lot more for your daily use.

Still got a handy kickstand in there as well, so watching movies on your iPhone just made a bit easier then ever, at least for now.


IN 1 claims that the case for iPhone is TSA-friendly, too, we’re not really sure would want to test it out ourselves. If you decide to take this thing on an airplane, though, good luck to you. Why?


Here’s a video of it in action:

Available and ready to ship right away. Now that this IN 1 Multi Tool package won’t be a case for everyone, but for those that need to have access to tools at the drop of a hat but don’t want to carry anything other than their iPhones, this might just be perfect.

Affordable enough, coming with a discounted price cut:

Buy: IN1 Multi Tool Case for iPhone 6/6s from Amazon: $29.95 (clear version costs: $19.99) | Original price: $40

Buy: IN1 Multi Tool Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus from Amazon: $29.95 | Original price: $40

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