This Is How An iPhone 7 Hacked To Run The Much Maligned Windows Vista [Video]

Microsoft is although getting ready to end official support for the much maligned Windows Vista on April 11th, meaning even the company that made it is finally washing its hands of an operating system that, to this day, is universally honored.

The fact here is, everything important has likely already been moved off of Windows Vista, but the software’s official demise is still a date to remember, and in order to celebrate April 11th, we have thrown a video in which Vista itself is shown running on something much more fun, unbelievable – an iPhone 7. Apple’s current flagship that came with iOS platform, is also now capable to manage the Microsoft’s Vista desktop OS on its hardware. Watch to believe how this technician has managed to do so, right after this jump.



In reality now, the video, which was posted to YouTube by Hacking Jules (also known as Jules Gerard) is a long one that clocks in at over twelve minutes from beginning to end and even features parts that have been sped up in the interest of brevity.

The reason behind it, according to the video itself, booting Windows Vista on an iPhone takes almost 15 minutes. Sitting down with a cup of tea and ten minutes to kill is advisable though, because even if you never had the misfortune of using Vista on a computer, it is still somewhat tricky to see it running on an iPhone.

So this is how it’s possible? As Jules points to a GitHub entry for Box 2 and that is the emulator which can be seen in the video. There are clearly optimization issues at play given the time it takes both for Vista to launch and for simple tasks to be carried over once it is fully operational, but the actual thing it works at all is a sight to behold.

Now that we have a clear notice that we just hope to never have to see Vista running on anything again, even if it is something as excellent as an iPhone 7. You can witness the YouTube video below. Watch now!

However! This isn’t the first time an iPhone has been liberated to run some version of Windows, with a recent video showing us an iPhone 7 running the classic Windows XP on-board. Also you can even dual-boot Android on iOS device, like this.

(Source: Hacking Jules [YouTube])

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