Should You Switch From iPhone To Pixel 2, Google Wants?

Google has released a special video that suggests you should have some new clothes to model to pass the time as you switch phones. While Pixel 2 really is the mythic Google phone, and the search giant wants you to buy its new handset. The 2017 Pixel aims to be good at everything Google’s good at. Better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as the company claims.

When compared, ever since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone a decade ago, gadget lovers, the press and industry watchers have waited for Google to make its move. So when Google finally released its first branded, flagship phone last year, it somehow fulfilled the fantasies of tech bloggers everwhere.

Switch from iPhone to Pixel 2

Except the device wasn’t called the Google Phone, instead the team went with Pixel naming, an unproven brand known mostly to a small niche of Google fans. With generation two of its Pixel phone range, unveiled Wednesday in San Fransisco, Google really wants to deliver the Google Phone. By means Google wants you to buy this sleek, shiny new phone, or presale now.

Why? Because it’s (Pixel 2) designed to do something even Apple and its Jesus phone can’t tap into everything Google does well. “Smartphones might be reaching parity in terms of specs,” Rick Osterloh, Google’s hardware chief, said Wednesday during a presentation in San Francisco.

So, now Google is focused on integrating its software and artificial intelligence tech into the hardware. “It all starts from reimagining hardware from the inside out.”

On the presentation day we all saw the introduction of several other devices, including a $250 standalone camera called the Google Clips and a $400 premium version of its smart speaker, called Google Home Max. Upgraded Google Assistant, in-ear Pixel Buds and much more. Here are the details: Google Pixelbook, Pixel 2 XL, Clips, Pixel Buds, New Home Devices, More Announced

People rely on it every day for Google Maps, YouTube, which Google owns, is the largest video streaming site on the planet. Seven of its products including the three just mentioned, boast more than a billion users. Other are Android Oreo, its mobile operating system; Google Play, its marketplace for apps and entertainment; Chrome, its web browser; and Gmail, its web-based mail service.

The new Pixel phones: the Pixel 2 costs $650 and the Pixel 2 XL pricing starts at $850 – try to tap into Google’s 19 years in the search business. The Pixel Buds also been introduced, a $160 set of wireless (Bluetooth) earbuds with touch and voice controls. They work with any phone, even iPhone? It inevitably draw comparisons to Apple’s equally priced AirPods for the iPhone. The Pixel Buds offer one feature that’s exclusive to the Pixel phone, a real time translation mode that works with Google Translate. Tap the side of the right earbud to trigger the voice controls, say “Help me speak French” – or any of 40 other supported languages, including Greek, Swahili and Vietnamese – and also speak a phrase you want to be translated.

How it works?

The translated sentence comes out of the Pixe Buds speaker, when the person replies in French, the English translation is piped directly into your ears.

Another reason Google wants you get your hands on its new Pixel phone. So for you to buy something else, Google needs to make a pretty compelling pitch. Google Lens would be the next. Take a photo of a book with your phone and you’ll get information on the author and see reviews, something like visual search Google is attempting at. Eventually, you’ll be able to point the phone’s camera at a restaurant and see reviews and prcied information on a little digital card that pops up on the screen.

The service called Google Lens, is coming exclusively to the Pixel phone, for now. Google says it will be also be offered on other Android phones as well.

Most interesting feature and Pixel-only addition is called ‘Now Playing’. It’s an opt-in service that automatically detects what music is playing in the environment, and tells you the name of the song and artist. While the infor comes directly from a Google-generated database. It’s like Shazam but happens automatically. Again, not groundbreaking, but a nice touch.

With Pixel, Google took the hardware design in-house, just as Apple dies with the iPhone. It was last month, Google announced a $1.1 billion deal with HTC to bring 2,000 HTC engineers, most of them already working on the Pixel, to Google.

Reports said that while Google partnered with HTC to build the Pixel 2, it worked with LG on the Pixel 2 XL. All but fair and inevitable, the Pixel is the Google Phone for ever. No sooner had Google released the new Pixel 2 phone than it uploaded a video to show how easy it is to switch.

The videi however, preaches the power of change. The Pixel 2 is, it seems, change you can believe in. Have a look at what Google wants you to do, iPhone owners.

Now official: Google Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL Specs, Price, Release Date, More

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