This Is What Tag Heuer’s Connected $1500 Android Wear Watch Looks Like

Trade in? Swiss company has announced the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch earlier today, it’s a $1,500 Android Wear watch that you’ll be able to trade in for a mechanical version after two years if the whole connectivity really isn’t for you.

Long story short, if you visit a consumer technology store these days without having the expansion of wearable technology thrust in front of your face, it’s seems undeniable. Wearables are one that proves itself growing in popularity with a consumer base looking for the next big thing, but with an increasing number of company’s looking to grab the market on the action, the choice is simply out of control. Google’s wearable platform, Android Wear has a whole array of options being served up by various manufacturers thanks to the open source nature, and now it has managed to go live as a new luxurious addition thans to a Google and Tag Heuer collaboration.

Smart Watches are generally considered to be a very personal item for their wrist. Consumers around the world looking to decorate their wrist with a little bit of luxury, smartwatch have generally been forced to go with the high-end Apple Watch offering. Versus the devices built on Android Wear platform however have generally been designed and developed to a specific, strict budget. With Swiss-based Tag Heuer getting in on the connection, that has all changed.

Tag Heuer is one company exists as one of the biggest and most respected one involved in the timepiece industry. Now, thanks to the partnership with Google, for the introduction of an all-new Tag Heuer Connected project (seriously, its name is “Connected”), the Swiss-made intelligent watch that is not built on the Android Wear platform, but one that changes what we think a traditional “smartwatch” should look like.

Tag Heuer Connected carries an extremely familiar looking aesthetic that deviates away from the digital displays of most smartwatches. Hardware, which you’re thinking about is made of titanium with an included sapphire crystal display that sits at 46mm in diameter. Of course, little bit bigger than the largest of Apple’s own clever timepiece.

Display on the Connected stands at 1.5-inch and sports a 360×360 pixel round resolution paired with 240 ppi. Equipped with “directional wind and weather monitoring” and 4GB of internal storage. The watch is being powered by an Intel-based 1.6GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM under the hood, but we can’t tell how that translates into an actual performance for now. Battery on the Connected watch is stated to be a 410mAh unit which should last for about 25 hours if we take Tag Heuer’s word for it.

Those looking to purchase that hardware, Tag Heuer Connected which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones can expect to shell out $1,500, and for that they can choose from a choice of colored rubber straps. There are 7 color options: green, blue, orange, red, white, black, and yellow.

Targeted at with 46.2mm wide and 12.8mm thick, it’s broader than the new Moto 360 and chunkier than the Huawei Watch and more towards the fitness oriented crowd, the watch has also been given the waterproof treatment, which means it can easily be taken for a dive in your favorite lake or pool.

Gone to the market to grab a premium smartwatch, and really don’t want to hand over your money to the corporate juggernaut that is Cupertino-based Apple, then think how about considering with $1,500 for a connected Tag Heuer Android Wearable. The watch can be ordered online right now from Tag Heuer as well as Tag Heuer boutiques.

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