This Phone App Will Identify Spam Callers On Google Nexus And Android One Phones [Download APK]

Google has made available for download Phone app with updated spam protection and more, that works with your Nexus and Android One smartphones.

This Google’s Phone app is already present on both the Nexus and Android One devices, that will now on wards identifies and alert users about spam callers and their identity. For that, Nexus and Android One owners will have to enable the Caller ID on their devices. Here’s how to do so?


Once enabled the Caller ID on Nexus and Android One devices, the Phone app will warn you about potential spam callers, let you block and report those number as spammers. For example, if you get a spam cal on your phone, the incoming call will be displayed in red along with a message like “suspected spam caller” or “spam” on their devices’ screen. Nevertheless, if an incoming call came through a regular caller, then the screen will show blue color.

To learn more on the ways to turn on spam protection once you have received the update from here on Google Nexus Support page:

The latest spam protection update version 4.0 of the Phone app is rolling out gradually to Nexus and Android One customers.

You can now download Phone app APK version 4.0 from here. For the official Phone app from Google Play Store link here.

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