This Photo Shows OnePlus 2 USB Type-C Cable Live [Image]

Fresh in news trends is that OnePlus 2 will support USB Type-C port, a connector that the Chinese manufacturers next generation OnePlus device announced to get and if it is to be believed then here comes the live image of what exactly the second OnePlus device’s USB Type-C connector looks, surfaced online. Details can be grabbed right after this break.

Depending on when it will land, hit the store shelves, the OnePlus 2 be the first globalĀ  smartphone to sport a USB-C connector port and cable. Glimpse of that has made it imminent that it actually coming with the Type-C connectivity. Developed by the USB Implementers Forum, made up of more than 700 companies, including Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and of course Samsung.

What is USB Type-C? It resembles a micro-USB connector, which is a new technology and slightly thicker to accommodate its revesable-plug feature. Two, it has the same connector on both ends, making it more easier to plug and play without fumbling for the right side. In other words, it is also theriotically twice as fast as USB 3.0.


Apple and Google debuted such feature on their new MacBook and Chromebook Pixel, currently. While the Pixel has two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader, wheraes the new Retina MackBook only got a single USB-C connection, meaning that customers have to purchase a seperate USB Type-C-to-USB 3.0 adapter. OnePlus will be providing an adapter for the OnePlus 2, well it doesn’t clarified whether it will be included or a seperate purcahse. Port will be backwards compatible, and current One owners do not have to worry, as Pei said. “With the OnePlus 2, the USB cable is more optimal than ever. It’s a simple change to connectivity, but it’s something we saw needed to change.”

Now that the USB Type-C connector for the OnePlus 2 gone live giving us its first glimpse on what it looks like. The cable is present in bright red color and have taken the flat cable-esque. The OnePlus logo is also printed on the top of the USB-C cable, where the small chip that helps users keep the cable dundled neatly and it shows in the leaked photos, will prevent it from getting tangled up.

Pei also tipped “further improvements on top of the USB Type C standard that we have patented and that will be exclusive to OnePlus,” but declined to elaborate so as not to “spoil the surprise.”

Evidently, the port is reversible, boasts significantly faster data speeds and offers higher power outputs than your normal USB adapter. The manufacturer confirmed that its next flagship handset will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor. Said, the chip has been linked to overheating problems in other devices, OnePlus promised that won’t be a problem. Priced reasonably as well.

We have to wait for the official unveil of the OnePlus 2 in July, and before that we will be digging more features and specs directly from OnePlus itself. Stay Tuned!

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