This Report Claims To See New Apple Products As Early As March 2018

A new report or a sketchy rumor have shed light on devices that are expected to kickoff Apple product 2018 line this year. We will see some of the latest Apple products hit store shelves as early as next month. Unfortunately, the report doesn’t actually specify which devices from Apple’s product line will be updated next, but there has been speculation that slight updates to Apple’s iPad and iPhone lineup can’t be too far away.

And, of course, there is no secret that the majority of Apple’s product lines receive annual refreshes, notwithstanding the Mac mini and, obviously, the Mac Pro. Apple tends to stick to fairly rigid release timelines, which is still sometimes a bit of a guessing game to know exactly what will be released when.

According to Taiwanese website DigiTimes, some of Apple’s suppliers are set to benefit from increased orders for new iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Watches during the year.

Although some Taiwan makers in the iPhone X supply chain have been affected by Apple’s move to scale back shipments of the device, some others including Career Technology, E&R Engineering, ShunSin Technology and Superior Plating Technology (SPT) are poised to benefit from new or increased orders from the client to support production of its next-generation iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch models in 2018, according to industry sources

The report then suggests that we should see Apple’s annual refresh cycle to begin next month. Recall, Apple last updated its tablet lineup in March 2017 when it introduced a more affordable 9.7-inch iPad. And also rolled out a new 32GB iPhone 6 in China, Product Red versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and last but not least, an iPhone SE with more wallet-friendly storage options.

These makers have cutting-edge technologies or have newly tapped into the supply chains of Apple’s consumer devices. Among them, SPT, which boasts pearl bright nickel processing technology, is ready to enjoy sizeable orders from Apple, which will incorporate the technology to process adapters for its new-generation iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices, slated for debut starting in March 2018.

Given the previous timescales, the smart money would be on a refreshed iPad arriving first. With the Apple Watch and iPhone refresh set to a release cadence that will see them arrive in or around September time.

The wildcard here is the iPhone SE 2, one phone that did arrive in March two years ago. There have been several rumors pertaining to an iPhone SE refresh for some time now, suggesting there is still the possibility it is this device that will kick Apple’s 2018 launch cycle into gear.

On the Mac front, Apple last updated its notebook line this past June so we imagine that any notable updates are still a few months off. Stay tuned for more updates!

(source: DigiTimes)

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