This Royal Wedding Gold iPhone X Edition Costs $4000 [Pre-order Now]

Goldgenie is making this weekend’s wedding of the UK’s Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle by selling a limited-edition iPhone X, covered in 24k gold and with a commemorative engraving of the Royal Wedding couple on its back. This will cost you $4000 that may just be the tackiest iPhone we’ve ever seen yet.

Still, this iPhone X Elite is covered in gold around the sides and rear, with each of the 99 handsets set to run off the production. Beyond the new look, the iPhone X Elite is exactly the same as any other iPhone X, when we speak of its specs and features, although this special version is only available in the 256GB flavor.

Aside from the precious metal used for the casing, the rest of the iPhone X Elite is same as the stock version. For your $3964.16, you will get the iPhone itself along with a pair of white EarPods, a charging cable and the customary 5-watt USB power adapter inside a luxury cherry oak presentation box.

If this version is not exclusive enough, there will be a special diamond covered version offered for $4604.18, although it won’t actually be more exclusive at all – there will still be 99 made available to those who have more money to spend than they know what to do with.

Notably, there will also be Total Armor Protection pre-installed in an attempt to keep that $4,000 iPhone looking as great on the couple’s wedding anniversary as it does today. The phone is currently available for order at but can be bought with a 50 percent up-front deposit.

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