TIME Names iPhone The Most Influential Gadget Of All Time, iPod At 9th, iPad At 25th Place

TIME Magazine has now published a list of the 50 most influential gadgets of all time, with devices ranging from computers, to portable music players and back again, drones. Named iPhone as the most influential smartphones currently, listed on TIME’s portal.

With some uniquely iconic names on the list, such as Sony’s Walkman and Nokia’s 3210, it is Apple’s iPhone that takes the glory, grabbing the number-one-spot for changing the way we all think of mobile phones. Because it “fundamentally changed our relationship to computing and information,” popularized mobile apps, and influenced the future of smartphone era.


Taking its place atop the pile and accompanied by other Apple products such as the iPod, iBook, Machintosh and iPad, the iPhone’s number one status should perhaps be expected given the way it derived in a new design for the smartphone, changing it from being something commercial people used to a device that everyone seems to spend their days holding. The iPhone business has truly changed million lives, with smartphones from many other manufacturers now reaping the benefits.

Apple was the first company to put a truly powerful computer in the pockets of millions when it launched the iPhone in 2007. Smartphones had technically existed for years, but none came together as accessibly and beautifully as the iPhone.

Apple’s device ushered in a new era of flat, touchscreen phones with buttons that appeared on screen as you needed them, replacing the chunkier phones with slide-out keyboards and static buttons.

On the list for being “radically different” than the tablets that came before it, the iPad is ranked at number 25, the iBook, the first laptop to offer wireless networking, is ranked at number 38. Other smartphones that made the list include the Motorola Droid, credited with popularizing Android, the BlackBerry 6210, and of course the bar-shaped Nokia 3210, the first device with an internal antenna and built-in games. While Apple’s Machintosh also ranked high on the list, coming in as the number three most influential gadget for setting the standard.

The product’s reveal was a classic example of Steve Jobs’ showmanship at its best. While loading a webpage and showing off the computer’s display at 1999’s MacWorld conference, the Apple co-founder lifted the computer off its table and walked across the stage. The crowd roared in approval. In a gesture, he showed that Wi-Fi was here to stay


                                   The original iPod (left) and first-generation iPad (right)

TIME’s full list of devices includes the likes of Fitbit, Google Glass, Sony PlayStation, and the Amazon Kindle, all of which have taken their respective categories and either owned them, or pushed them forward in desirable ways. Not every piece of hardware sold can say that. More, is available from the TIME website.

(Source: TIME)

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