Tips To Fix Super Mario Run Crashing On Non-Jailbroken Devices, Here’s How [Guide]

To download Super Mario Run for iOS, you will definitely need to spend $9.99 (£7.99, about AU$13) to get the full game. Later you can share the Nintendo’s highly-anticipated mobile video game with multiple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices once that money is spent. So, the Super Mario Run is not coming with a free tag on it but partially free for some levels and you will need to play to unlock the complete game. Now that there are some of issues pertaining on the Worldwide Web fed up with crashes of the Super Mario Run gameplay that too on non-jailbroken iOS devices. To that extent, here are some of the tips to fix.

Nintendo’s much-anticipated title Super Mario Run may be here, featuring our beloved plumber Mario on iPhone and iOS App Store, but for some users there’s been more crashing than running. However it doesn’t actually mean that you’re going to get a positive experience when trying to play and interact with it. Complaints about the game by people are inevitable speaking about they aren’t able to play it and even complaining the game crashing on non-jailbroken devices. If you have been afflicted by any of those concerns, then you can try some of the below resolutions to fix the problem.


On Jailbroken iPhone, Super Mario Run app crashing as well, why? Nintendo has implemented a jailbreak detection mechanism so the game automatically crashes when it is opened on a jailbroken iOS device. The company behind the launch of Super Mario Run has taken this step only to ensure that the game is not pirated easily.

In order to fix this issue we have two ways to bypass; either bid adieu to jailbreaking and restore their device to stock to be able to play the game, or secondary method requires installing a jailbreak tweaks called “tsProtector 8+” from Cydia. Once the given tweak installed, head over to Black List Apps option in the tweak and enable the toggle for Super Mario Run. This will ensure the Nintendo’s jailbreak detection is unable to verify whether your iOS is jailbroken or not further preventing the game from crashing on launch.

Other solutions are still there to fix Super Mario Run Crashing issue. Follow the below shown guides to get rid of this.

Kill From Multitasking Tray & Launch Again

It’s most definitely akin to the turn it off and back on again type of advice that can work more often than not exactly seem like the most technical of advisories. Rather than simply using the Home button on the device to exit the app, and then using the app icon to head back into it, but it actually recommended step to kill the app entirely from multitasking. To do so, double tap the Home button to bring up the App Switcher, and then swipe up on the Super Mario Run card to entirely remove it. Once closed, launch the app again to see if it works or not.


Free Up Device’s RAM Memory

For the unknown individuals it’s fair to suggest that not a lot of people pay attention to how much RAM their iOS device has, particularly or more importantly. How much RAM is being used at any given time by the system and how much is left behind. This can be done by holding the Sleep/Wake button on your iOS device until the “slide to power off” prompt appears on the screen. Leave both the Sleep and Wake buttons and press the Home button until the prompt goes away and you are taken directly to the Home screen again. Now, try to launch Super Mario Run again and see if it crashes or not.

Free Up Storage

If RAM isn’t the issue, and removing the device entirely from multitasking doesn’t work, then you should look at for enough free storage space to execute the app could be a potential solution. If you are concious about your iPhone or iPad may be running low on memory, and do want to clear up some storage space, then once again you can use our existing handy tips here: Tips To Free Storage Space On iPhone, iPad [Guide].

Hard Reboot

Doing that is what you’re forcing your device to reboot. On occasion, it becomes entirely necessary to just take the device and put it through the hard reboot process which essentially gives a good digital kick up the backside and encourages it back to life. To do that you must press and hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home button simultaneously on your iOS device for atleast 15 seconds. Running on iPhone 7, you can hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume button down to force reboot the device. Your devices should automatically reboot and will see the Apple logo. Once your device has booted successfully into iOS, try installing Super Mario Run again to see whether this fix works or not.

Reinstall The Game

Delete the entire installation of Super Mario Game from your iPhone or iPad if the above steps still do not prevent the game from crashing. Reinstall directly from the App Store and the answer will be yes. This sounds a little drastic and these situations doesn’t come any more drastic than not being able to play the addictive Super Mario Run on release day. If the game isn’t working, and all other avenues have been explored, then you must try this one. And save the Princess.

Super Mario Run 2

Did any of the tips mentioned above work for you? Share your thoughts with us.

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