Tips: Uninstalling Facebook App On iOS And Android Will Save Up To 20% Battery Life

What makes sense here is that Facebook’s Android app negatively impacts performance and battery life, even when it’s in background running. Facebook on Android does not have a good track record though, on iPhone, iPad either. Users have long complained about the performance issues and it draining up battery. For the unknown, Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, took an unusual step of making his staff ditch their iPhones and jump over to Android until they sorted out the issues.

Unfortunately, the problem have remained safe enough, and recently led the Android blogger Russell Hol;ly to dump the app, which revealed something rather interesting about the performance of the Facebook app. Android battery life was better without Facebook’s app, Reddit user pbrandes_eth tested the application’s impact on the performance of an LG G4.

When tested, other apps on the Android smartphone launched 15% faster when found the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps were uninstalled. Tested with 15 seperate apps, and documented the findings, leading other reddit users to test other devices. Found similar results when testing for app loading performance. One point to note down is that, not only Facebook, there are several other untrusted third-party Android and iOS apps makes this lead, rectifying such issues plays a best part in battery performance. For example, Apple’s iOS 9 was a bit disgusting, quit fast loading and stucks everytime, but now there’s a fix for that issue and in a similar fashion Facebook for iOS app never made its way on top since the past to current dates.

I too tested Holly’s piece of work, and explored other options for accessing Facebook, to see if, rather than app loading. Finally, it comes true and I could improce my smartphone’s battery life and performance. What would be the reason for slow-loading of Facebook on Android or iOS? Facebook app’s script and unnecessary JavaScripts make the whole ecosystem down and the result in front.

Conclusion here is the Facebook app not showing up as using a significant amount of power within Android’s built-in battery statistics, but was evidently consuming more and more power in the background than it needed to. Those services act as a buffer for many apps to the outside world when running in the background.

Uninstalling Facebook app might save both battery and speeds up Android and iOS devices, it actually looks like working. On the other hand, it may be less convinient not to have the apps, but there are several substitutes that allow you to access the mobile site within a wrapper, like Metal.

Alternatively, you can simply use facebook within Chrome on an Android phone. Google’s mobile browser gets updated with enabled notifications for actions, chats and other best features from Facebook even in the background, and the experience is very similar to using an app.

Ditching Facebook Android app could save you 20% of your phone’s battery life a day, and speed up the device performance, until Facebook improves.

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