T-Mobile Offering! On Demand Now Allows You JUMP Up To 3 Phone Per Year For Free

Announced JUMP! On Demand by T-Mobile as its new smartphone leasing program, where the magenta carrier will allow customers to switch up to three smartphones every year for free. Details in full can be found right after this jump.


In order to rejoice this, T-Mobile customers have to pay the carrier an additional amount every month over and above their monthly fee. Customers, interested in particpating the T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand program can now head over to any T-Mobile Store. Trade in their existing smartphone, and walk out with a brand new one without paying a cent – and not even a sales tax either. Like this customers can do this three times every year without incurring any kind of additional charges. Great!

Including iPhones, JUMP! On Demand is applicable for all smartphones and will be available starting from 28th of July, respectively. Exclusively, this means that you can ‘lease’ an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from T-Mobile now, and then upgrade to the next iPhone (6s) or iPhone 6s Plus, which is apparent to make its debut in fall later this year, for free.


T-Mobile will also be allowing its customers to switch up to six different phones during the same venture. Compared to traditional two-year contracts on smartphones, this JUMP! On Demand project is very much greaceful. Isn’t it!

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