Token Ring: This Is One Smart Wearable To Rule Your Digital Life

Here’s a new ring called Token embeds Bluetooth and a fingerprint reader, also promises to enhance biometric authentication with compatibility across a large array of existing technologies. To help you manage various aspects of your life that require props or a good memory? Token is such a gadget: a smart ring priced at $249 – marketed as “one ring to rule them all across everything.” Actually, it’s supposed to replace all your keys, your wallet, and even the need to remember passwords. And what not!

Pay at more than 15 million locations with a wave of your hand (via Token). Is something like wrist-wearable, but the one ring here to rule them all. Token is the portable solution to your hectic digital life. Prior to wearing the Token ring, users authenticate with a fingerprint scan on a sensor on the inside of the ring. Once the ring is removed, then the authentication expires until re-scanned.

By the way, this Token ring only needs to be charged every two weeks, and it’s waterproof. The device supports Bluetooth and NFC and comes with a bunch of sensors, including a fingerprint sensor that authenticates the user, and of course, n optical sensor helps to lock credentials as soon as the ring is taken off. There’s still a built-in secure element that will store credentials and keep them safe.

As of now a demonstration has been done, Token founder Steve Shapiro unlocked his MacBook with authenticated NFC communication when he knocked on the table near to computer. The functionality mirrors that of the Apple Watch feature that does the same thing with close proximity of the two devices.

“We wanted to build something that makes you more secure, but we’ve realized that most consumers won’t do anything if it makes their lives more inconvenient,” Token cofounder and CEO Melanie Shapiro told Mashable while demonstrating the product. “We’re offering a two-factor authentication process that’s easier than some already ingrained behaviors, like pulling out your credit card.”

In fact, the company has also made its own line of door locks to supplement the technology, as well as a security pad for access control. For example, to open your home’s door, it needs a specialized lock it can talk to. Furthermore, the ring only works with certain transit systems and companies, but transit cards and access cards support should improve in the near future 0 read more about the ring’s feature at this link.

Knock twice to authenticate online accounts (via Token)

This is what the Token can do. It’ll store credit card information, digital smart keys, passwords, car keys, transit cards, and access cards. Don’t be surprised to find that Token will not work everywhere out of the box initially.

Token has partnered with physical authentication company HID, the FIDO alliance, Microsoft, MasterCard, and Visa. As it stands at present, the Token works to authenticate public transportation access in 40 systems around the world, with 20 more coming in 2018. Simply knock twice on your computer to authenticate online accounts, tap and go at 50-plus transit systems globally.

Add the Token CarLock for easy ignition (via Token)

Those folks driving a push-button ignition vehicle, can opt to trade their key fob for a Token CarLock, which allows users to unlock twice to lock or unlock doors and activate the ‘Start’ button.

An embedded sensor scans saved fingerprints to unlock info, which gets sealed again once the ring is removed. Each accessory includes a charging dock, and promises up to two weeks of battery life.

The most basic Token ring comes in sterling silver, available in seven US sizes and three finishes – brushed ($249), black rhodium ($299), and 14k rose gold ($299). Sign up for notifications about Token’s global launch, expected soon.

Accessories including DoorLock and CarLock cost $100 each, and if you want to but a Rose Gold Token ring, for an extra $50. The ring will be available soon and should ship this December, with global markets to follow.

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