Touch 3D: Jailbreak Tweak Aims To Bring iPhone 6s 3D Touch-Style Purpose To Older Hardware [Video]

If you are on standby thinking about buying an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? Or else not planning to purchase new iPhones intrigued by hallmark 3D Touch feature, then, you might want to learn more. Now an upcoming jailbreak tweak has been uploaded and by means teased in a new video that appaers to be bringing 3D Touch-inspired features to older iOS smartphones. Popular jailbreak developer Elias Limneos is currently working on a jailbreak tweak that claims to be the best alternative to what iPhone 6s 3D Touch capable of.

3D Touch is one of the differentiating features of Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The new method of interaction tends to exist as the next-generation of multi-touch within iPhone hardware by introducing a whole new way to interact with iPhone. Applied by Apple in three to the display on three different levels, and is capable of sensing how much force is needed to process, providing a new set of menus and action based onthat level of force. Touch 3D, Limneos’ jailbreak tweak, which is however in development, replicates to emulate this as best as possible on older hardware.


The package itself will be released onto Cydia under the Touch 3D name. Because Apple’s 3D Touch requires special hardware, and by a long tap-and-hold gesture on the iPhone’s screen, it emulates. With new sensors mounted in the display, Touch 3D will not be a “true” clone of the feature. Reason why? It can’t be as older phones don’t have the necessary hardware tech to pull off the exact thing.

Jailbreak tweak: Touch 3D, appeared in preview form on a recently posted YouTube video. Check it out and let us know what you think about it…

Seen the above clip? Limneos has 3D Touch-inspired shortcut gestures for the Phone app, Settings app, and Camera app. However, the tweak will likely feature Activator support for customizing the involking method for the pop-up shortcut menus, but to align itself more closely to how the real 3D Touch works, users will be able to long-press on apps to bring up the shortcuts. This jailbreak tweak is a best attempt at emulation given the limitations of older hardware by using long tap-and-hold gestures that are available in the iOS SDK.

A video of the initial demo of Touch 3D has been released. Showing that how the popular tweaks that require gestures and varying methods of invocation, Touch 3D will likely implement the powerful library. Limeneos has already included contextual menu support for the native Phone, Camera, and Settings applications. Will introduce an array of menus and features as we talked about earlier, and with a long press gesture, detected on the application icon directly from the home screen. The package is still in-complete, but given the quality of Elias’ previous work we can’t wait for this one to land in Cydia and support iOS 8 and above on older devices.


Do you see the value in attempting to emulate 3D Touch in older, non-supported hardware? Along with Touch 3D, Limneos is working on another new feature inspired by – Live Photos, which only takes twice the sapce of normal potos to animate, set as lockscreen wallpaper etc. Here’s how it works? Here’s a demonstration video that shows off a functioning untethered iOS 9 jailbreak. Best Tweaks here.

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