TRAI Reduces Roaming Tariffs For Calls And SMS Text Messages

Hot on the heels is that Trai has set the ceiling tariffs for outgoing local calls, national roaming calls and SMS, and The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has announced that a special roaming tariff plan are mandatory for all Mobile operators. While phone calls charges could drop by 20% and messaging rates by 75% when users travel outside home circles after the telecom regulator cut the maximum chargeable rates for roaming services effective May 1. More details on this news can be checked right after this break.

TRAI’s decision on making roaming calls cheaper will let all the mobile users pay less for voice calls you make or receive when roaming outside your circle. It’s a good news for mobile phone users, but it could hurt many revenues of top carriers Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Vodafone India that account for most of those using roaming services. As Trai however has mandated that carriers introduce special tariff plans offering free incoming calls while roaming, or outside home network where the SIM-card is registered.

“All subscribers will benefit from reduced ceilings, competitive pricing below new ceiling levels is expected,” the regulator said in a statement. TRAI is reducing roaming call and SMS charges after almost 2 years. Check out the Press Release notes below.

Operators typically charge users a lower rate than the ceiling rate and adjust the tariffs as per competition, whereas Trai set a ceiling for outgoing local calls at 80 paise minute, down from 1 rupee a minute, while from now it is reduced the calling rate to Rs 1.15 per minute from Rs 1.50 a minute for long distance, or STD calls, whatever.

The incoming calls on roaming will be charged, at most, 45 paise per minute, down from 75 paise earlier, while a maximum of 25 paise per SMS will be levied for a local text message sent compared to Rs 1 earlier, and to 38 paise per STD SMSes sent, down from Rs 1.50.

Trai had initially proposed cutting the ceiling tariffs for outgoing local and STD calls while on roaming to 65 paise a minute and Rs 1 per minute, respectively. Mandated Special Roaming Tariff Plan for both pre-paid and postpaid subscribers, incoming voice calls on national roaming shall be free of cost, on payment of fixed charges.

The revived new tarrif plans for national roaming services comes into action by force starting May 1st, 2015. TRAI also speaks that it will be closely monitor the excecution of the jurisdiction and in particular, its imapct on competition and consumers interest.

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