TrueSDK: TrueCaller’s New Service Enables User Verification Via Phone Number For Third-Party Apps

Truecaller has launched TrueSDK service that allows onboard users enable third-party apps with their Truecaller profile and with their verified phone number on Truecaller. TureSDK also helps bot the users to quickly use their credentials already varified with Truecaller to seamlessly engage with third-party apps of their best.

New Truecaller’s TrueSDK, as per the company is, “This service can be used by developers to sign up, update a user’s information, or purely verify the user’s phone number based identity in their mobile apps through user consent.”

Now that the new TrueSDK service is current made available for select partners who’re on Android platform, and will soon be released to public. To sign up to TrueSDK, simply contact “” with your app details.

TrueSDK offers:

* Phone number-based authentication and verification
* Free to use and no verification cost there for existing Truecaller users
* Permission based flow. Significantly reduces friction in user on enabling
* Lightweight client side SDK and has minimal changes, which needed specifically on developer’s backend.

On its official launch,  Nami Zarringhalam, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Truecaller, said:

At Truecaller, our mission has always been to provide as much information as possible to users about their calls and enabling them to use that information in meaningful ways. In this process, we realized the power and importance of a mobile number, especially when it comes to personal identification. Our aim is to empower third party apps with a credible verification option and enable users to use the app of their choice by making their phone numbers their identity.

Priyam Bose, Director Worldwide Developer Relations at Truecaller, said:

  Phone numbers are quickly becoming the primary personal identity to verify users in the global mobile arena. App Developers are looking for ways to minimize friction in user onboarding and engagement flows. TrueSDK gives developers an opportunity to fulfill these needs and overtime bridge offline and online identity gap. Instead of having every app developer build and maintain their own systems, they can now use TrueSDK and instead focus more on their core aspects of their app led offering.

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