Try Out Samsung Galaxy S9 Experience On Any Phone With This App

You can now use this new app in order to try out Galaxy S9 experience on any phone, other than Samsung brand. Here are the details on it.

What’s the hot topic on the internet would be Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, but until another flagship device arrive. While neither phone has been made available to those who pre-ordered yet, Samsung is undoubtedly keen to get as many orders in as possible and to do that, it has even created an app that will give a chance to try out the Galaxy S9 (kinda) while still using their existing mobiles.

It can be managed via a new Experience app, while it’s available to download now for all devices running Android 6.0 or higher, except those of Apple devices running iOS platform.

Anyone wanting to know what exactly the Galaxy S9 experience is like, and has a device that matches the aforementioned criteria, can get their hands on this “Experience App for Galaxy S9/S9+” from the Google Play Store now for free.

Once downloaded and installed, the same application has a valiant go at trying to show what the Galaxy S9 will likely be walking users through the device’s new camera features, also showing off how AR Emoji and the phone’s super-slow-motion features work.

While the app can also show you what would happen on a Galaxy S9’s Infinity screen. It obviously cannot actually replicate the feel of using one. But for example, the app deliberately tries to show off the Galaxy S9’s repositioned fingerprint sensor, but unless you have one of the new phones in hand, you’re kind of left guessing whether the new position would work for you.

Think of this as a teaser rather than a proper feel for what the new phones bring to the table.

As everything, always being the case. If you are really on the fence about buying a Galaxy S9, or indeed any smartphone or consumer electronics device, you’re probably best getting some real hints before making your buying decision a hands-on time. App or no app, we don’t see any real difference here. It’s time for you to try it out.

(Download: Experience app for Galaxy S9/S9+ for Android on Play Store)

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