New Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Turns Into More Dragons Fire [Video]

A select group of very lucky people over HBO, including the cast and crew, got a chance to watch the #GoTSeason6 trailer, which is the first episode of Game of Thrones season six last night at the premiere in Los Angles. Actually planned for before its public debut on HBO on April 24. It seems like HBO really understands how to raise the heat levels ahead of the official airing of new season of a hit television show. Members of the press aren’t even being sent copies to review. Details of this season are being held tighter than one of Margrey Tyrells corsets.

Hardcore fans of Game of Thrones doen’t really need any additional reasons to tune in to the sixth season of the drama series when it airs in just two weeks time. Sitting on the fence, or been a little apathetic about whether or not to watch season 6, HBO has indeed managed to turn the fire up with the release of yet another trailer to promote the new season, showing previously unseen footage.


With more dragons, if you don’t alraedy have a fairly good idea and understanding of what to expect with Game of Thrones season 6, then this latest teaser will possibly fill in a few blanks and get you in the heat for waht is to come in the following weeks and months.

The big takaways from the latest trailer seem to be that something is stirring at Castle Black, though it’s not Jon Snow, who the powers that be want us to think is really dead. Most of the footage from the season six trailers is from the first episode, so there’s plenty to come this season that hasn’t even been hinted at. In fact, it seems as though HBO is gearing itself up for a final airing of the show as this latest promotional trailer gives away more than enough tweaks we had ever seen previously.  Davos and Melisandre both seen together at the Wall, for example, instantly reaises questions about the face of fan favorite Jon Snow.


Footage of Davos seaworth taking about the fight of the dead versus the living and the shots of the white walkers assembling their army lead us to agree with him. Things are getting sticky for Tyrion Lannister in Mareen, too. Not only does he have to deal with the continued insurrection of the Sons of the Happy, but he also must handle ruling the city while Daenerys Targaryen is being held captive by the Dothraki. Those who regularly tune into the show to see the unadulterated blood and gore through many of the voilent scenes will also left teased by the sight of Cersei sending Jaimie into battle aginst their enimies.


Almost all the goodness, we also get to see Tyrion coming up against dragons, Deanerys living as a prisoner amongst the Dothraki, and even Arya training. He’s also getting right up in a dragon’s face as it’s about to breathe fire. So many dragons there: flying overa battle, soaring through the sky, threatening Tyrion. Nevertheless! This trailer really has it all for the Game of Thrones fan.

In addition to a number of high-resolution still images, this promo trailer however represents the fourth video released by HBO. We originally had an 80-second teaser back in February, which was later followed up by a full trailer for season 6 in early March, which essentially paved the way for today’s revealing. Simply make yourself steady, Game of Thrones fans, season 6 is only two weeks away and it looks epic and to get some answers.

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