tvOS 11.3 Beta 6 For Apple TV Developers And Public Testers Released

It’s a bit late as Apple has today made available the sixth iteration of its tvOS 11.3 beta to developers and public testers after a week later the fifth was released.

Continuing its breakneck rate of releasing beta version of various operating systems, Apple has today released tvOS 11.3 beta 6. This current beta also comes just a month after the tvOS 11.2.6 release available to everyone.

These updates are designed for the fourth and fifth generation Apple TVs, with the tvOS developer and public beta releases installable over-the-air once the configuration profile for betas has been enabled on the device. Once this has been done the Apple TV in question will continue to receive beta updates rather than the standard, public testers that are pushed out via Apple’s normal process.

While beta 6 release notes have to specify any changes have been made, there is plenty to look forward to once the release goes public.

Enhancements to Match Content support as well as automatic frame rate switching on the fourth generation Apple TV are present in existing beta releases. And, with the latter giving Apple’s older Apple TV feature parity with the 4K version of its set-top box. Automatic mode switching for AirPlay video is also included.

One feature to be added is imminent, or may not make an appearance in the final, shipping version of tvOS 11.3 is AirPlay 2 support. This is the only feature that allows the Apple TV to be merged with the Home app as part of an existing HomeKit setup as well as support that allows multiple Apple TVs to play the same song, was added in early beta releases but was then subsequently removed.

Unfortunately, we can’t clarify or verify at this time whether AirPlay 2 will return back when Apple makes tvOS 11.3 public. It’s likely to happen sometime next week, but the newly released HomePod also waiting for AirPlay 2 support. We suspect the feature will be a priority within Apple right now and it it isn’t, it really should be.

Developers and public testers of Apple TV can get the new beta 6 release of tvOS 11.3 installed onto their sets right now.

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