Tweet An Emoji At Google Now To Get A Fun Reply

These days millions of smartphones and other platforms found of emoji characters and its impressive expressions that can rely on your feelings and other emotions. There are several other best keyboards for Android and iOS platforms, which are now adding new emojis into the keyboard apps, such as Apple filling its mobile operating system by introducing Unicode 9 72+ emoji icons and Google following the same situation now. Something like that today’s tip also catches your mind. Do you know what happens if you tweet an emoji on Google? Here’s the answer for that a bit funny.


Obviously, Google will tweet back once you do so with the search giant, and nevertheless, it will interpret your tweet and show you relevant results. How? Actually, the tech giant wanted to understand the language of emoji your tweeted to it, therefore launched a new feature that allows people to tweet emojis at its Twitter account.

This ultimate feature starts from Wednesday and takes few seconds to understand to come up with relevant Google searches for an Emoji. Does it work? Yes, if you send a tweet, Google will be sending you back a tweet with a GIF and a link to local search results about the emoji you have shared.

For example, if you have to find a cafe in your area, you simply tweet the café at Google. A link to Google search will appear after a few seconds with a map listing the shops in your location.

Similarly, if you tweet a burger emoji, it will understand that and will result into links related to burger joints nearby you. However, the emoji engine is relatively similar to what Taco Bell has been doing on Twitter for about one year and is being part of a campaign Google calls #KnowNearby that promotes its Local Search tools and bots.

Finally, Google said that there were over 200 different emojis that will trigger results across places to eat, things to see and do, and a “few easter aggs thrown in too“.

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