Twitter Testing Its Dedicated GIF Button For Mobile Apps For iOS And Android

Within the Twitter composition box a few users on social network’s Android app have started noticing inside the mobile client. According to Twitter user Phil Pearlman, the new button lets users browse through current popular GIFs in a trending tab, or by selecting a mood they’re feeling to use resulting GIFs based on that emotion. Since the GIF button appears to only be showing up on Android Twitter users, but if the micro-blogging company is planning a wide rollout, it should presumably come to iOS as well, very soon.

The aforementioned Twitter user was not only the guy to see the Dedicated GIF button’s existance within the Android app, but with quaite a few others also mentioning it over the past day. Unfortunately, it has been disappearing for just as many who already witnessed to briefly test the feature out, with a couple of users — including Pearlman — noticing the button in the Twitter conversation box suddenly disappearing from the app itself.

Besides a playful GIF of its own, Twitter didn’t respond to comment on the possibility of the large-scale roll out of the GIG button inclusion for the service’s mobile app. Given that many users have already gone through the laborious process of searching for GIFs online and inserting them into tweets via the Media option. What exactly makes sense here is that, for the company to imminently begin streamlining that process.

(Thanks: MacRumors)

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